Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Morning in the Boonies

After a stretch of rainy, dismal days we have been blessed with some nice weather.  What a difference it makes to be able to spend just ten minutes of my morning outside.  I love to grab my coffee and sit on my porch, filling my lungs with deep breaths of fresh air. Our home is tucked in the trees and the surround-sound song of the birds is music to my soul.  Near and far, I can pick out the trill of robins and the twitter of the finches.  I watch a pair of blue jays carefully pick the perfect twigs for their love-nest. Their flight pattern becomes predictable as they fly back and forth in their duties.


The morning’s sun filters through the trees in front of me and dries the dew off of the grass.  I breathe deep and try to quiet the mental to-do list that formulates in my mind.  Instead, I thank God for another day and ask that He guide my actions and give me the patience to treat my girls with grace. 

Ten minutes of peace, nature, quiet thoughts….  I love to start the day like this.

Good morning from the boonies.  I hope that your day is a good one!



faithlikemustard said...

I absolutely believe that sunshine and fresh air is good for the soul. People need to get outside and shake the grump off! LOL! Glad you've "thawed out" in your part of the world!

Jessica said...

I need to start going back outside before the kids get up. But these days I have to spray on mosquito protection first and that kind of takes the fun out of it. :/

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Oh, how beautiful!! What a lovely shot! :-)

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