Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Heads-Up for Bloggers

The panic and annoyance was palpable on social networking sites when Blogger went down yesterday.  Many said they were in the middle of creating posts and lost their work. 

I wanted to share a program that has made blog publishing SO much easier. 

Windows Live Writer

This free program works in conjunction with any of the blog service providers and is so simple to use.  Adding photos, videos and links is a breeze and you can see what your post will look like as you go. 

There may have been some changes made since the last time I tried publishing directly from Blogger, but I can tell you that once I switched to using WLW, I was instantly hooked. 

Just wanted to share this tip with my readers who also blog!


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Jessica said...

I've been spreading the same tip since the big blogger scare. Some people didn't have their work saved anywhere outside of blogger.

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