Friday, May 6, 2011

From India, With Love

First impressions can be very, very wrong.  When we were first assigned to be correspondents for Johan in East India, I took one look at the teenaged boy with a bit of a scowl on his face and found myself intimidated.


I wrote to Johan faithfully twice a month and wondered what his replies would be like. A few months later, we started hearing from him and by his second letter, he was referring to himself as our son.  And not just our son…

Greetings from your loving son, Johan,”

While I will admit to not feeling as deep of a connection with Johan when he was first put into our lives, my heart completely softened when I started reading his letters.  It became clear that he is a very smart, sweet and loving young man.

Yesterday, we received a letter from Johan that was written in English.  From time to time, he makes the extra effort to write to us in our native language, which I know must not be easy.  He does such a good job and we are very proud of him!

Greetings to you in the name of Lord our savior Jesus Christ. I am doing well here, I wish to hear the same with you.

Our final exam finished on March 1st week.  I will get my marksheet on Wednesday and surely I will pass in my exam.  I am verey happy to go new class March 4th – 6th near our place where big spiritual convention was held.  Many believers were gathered this time.  We also went as a project group. This year theme was Acts 16:5 Be strong in faith.

I like games and sport meet programme. I also participated in games- volyboll. We got 2nd position as a group. Now my health is fine.  Season is going to change.  It is spring season here. This season people will celebrate coloul fitsival (Holi). We are not celebrating this fistival only non-Christian people.  Last time I prayed for good road.  Praise God now government of road department started making road!

Which is the main fistival people are celebrating in your place? My family members always praying for you. Pray for good school for me.  May I get good education. I closing with thanks for my letters.

Your Loving Child,

Mr. Johan H________”

At the bottom of this letter, Johan drew this beautiful bird with an added message.


This letter brought tears to my eyes.  I was so proud at Johan’s ability to write in English and was thrilled to hear his praise report of the roads being made in his area.  then, to see the drawing and realize that Johan may not have had the chance to come to know and love God if it were not for Compassion International.  Furthermore, we would not have had the opportunity to have a relationship with this fine young man if not for this wonderful organization.  I am just so thankful!



Amy D said...

That's great, Michelle. :)

Cathrine said...

This is so awesome, Michelle!

faithlikemustard said...

I'm pouting...I'm ready for a letter delivery!

Junie said...

What a great letter you received. Johan is a special young man. I'm so glad you sponsor him ! junie

Teena said...

what an amazing letter. How wonderful. I know you will cherish it forever! So thankful for him in your life and you in his.


Jessica said...

Here come the waterworks! :)

JD said...

*Tears** Ato Sam's face also had a solemn scowl in his Compassion photo, I found it a bit intimidating too. I never anticipated that his relationship would be like yours with Johan -- isn't it jut like God to bless us when we're faithful and obedient no matter what?

Keep sharing Johan' letters and drawings!!

LovedbyHim7 said...

I can understand why your heart has softened and opened up to this young man. What a blessing to have in your life!

vcnxvbw said...

Oh, Michelle, what an awesome letter! Thanks for posting it!

Valeboy said...


DaenelT said...

That is terrific. Love the drawing at the end too.

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