Friday, May 13, 2011

Compassion Bloggers in the Philippines!

In just a few short weeks, the Compassion Bloggers will be heading to the Philippines!  As someone who closely followed the last two Compassion Blogger trips to Guatemala and Kenya, I can assure you that you will not want to miss a single post.  You also will not want to be without a case of tissues.  The stories that come out of these trips are eye-opening and heart-wrenching.  Yet, there is always an underlying message of hope.  The hope that comes through the work done by Compassion International.

If you don’t already, you may want to start following the blogs of the women who have been chosen to accompany Shaun Groves on this trip.

Tsh of Simple Mom

Kat of Inspired to Action

Stephanie of Keeper of the Home

Emily of Chatting at the Sky

Lindsay of Passionate Homemaking

Please spread the word about this trip! You can also go to this post by Shaun Groves to grab buttons for your blog, Twitter and Facebook!

Will you be following the upcoming Compassion Blogger trip?  Have you followed any of the past trips?

I, for one, am really looking forward to learning more about Compassion’s ministry in the Philippines and will be praying for the details of the trip and that many hearts are touched by this journey.



Antony said...

Thank you for sharing this with your audience.

Cher who organized Int'l Day of Compassion did a phone interview with Patch Adams.

It is now online and is really moving

Jessica said...

I told Shaun that we'd break dance for him if he'd take us to Ghana. He asked us please not to. Snort.

Amy D said...

We started following these trips at the same time. I came across Compassion, not even through the Compassion trip, and then stumbled up on it.

Judy said...

I followed the last trip and I will definitely be following this one...I agree with the case of tissues comment. ;)

Jill Foley said...

I'll be following it! I'll also be doing a "country expert" post on the Philippines shortly after the trip - hopefully a good resource for families who sponsor kiddos as a result of the trip.

Cassi said...

thanks for stopping by Michelle. Good luck on your upcoming trip!

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