Thursday, May 5, 2011

~Bigger and Better~

First, let’s take a look at the “bigger”.  Yesterday, I checked my Compassion International online account and discovered a new picture of our Rodrigo in Bolivia. Having kids of my own, I know how they can sometimes seem to grow an inch over night.  Seeing this new picture of Rodrigo, I was blown away by how big and tall he is!

youngrodrigo This is the photo that was sent to us when we were first assigned to Rodrigo as correspondents.

rodrigo2 Just a few months later, we received this updated photo of our handsome guy in Bolivia.


Just look at this dapper young man now!  Wow!  In the last year and a half that we have been writing to him, his personality has really started shining through in his letters.  I am happy to see him growing physically and looking so healthy!

Now, I’ve shared about the “bigger” and now it is time to let you know about the “better”.

Yesterday, Our Compassion rolled out an amazing new feature to their website. They now have Child Center pages that share a lot of great information about the CDC that the children attend. You can easily connect and communicate with others who sponsor children in the same project.  You can also read a Pastor’s letter and in some cases, see photos of the projects.  The feature that I love the most is a Google map that points out the exact location of the Child Development Center. You can click the satellite view and zoom right in to get a good look!


This feature really helps me to feel connected to our Compassion children.  I found out that some of our children attend projects in the middle of busy city-like areas while others have projects in very rural areas.  Some of our children live in very green, forested areas and some live where the ground looks brown and dry.  Overall, I think this is a very interesting feature!

You should go and check out Our Compassion!

(When you log in, go to the bottom of your main page and click the links next to the names and numbers of the Child Development Centers.  From what I have heard, the tech staff have about 75% of the centers loaded and ready to explore. They will continue to add centers until they’re all loaded!)

In other news, Walgreens is offering free 8X10 photo collages again for just a few days.  Use the promo code “FREECOLLAGE” at checkout!  We’ve sent a lot of these photo collages to our children and they love them!

Lastly, I added some new buttons and features to my blog!  Along the top right, I added buttons that make it easy for you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and by email or RSS feed.  Also, at the bottom of each post, you can now click to share On FB, Twitter, etc.  I would love to reach more Compassion sponsors, so if you like what you read, please feel free to “share” with your friends!

Now, the sky is blue and sun is shining for the first time in well over a week!  Time for me to get out there and enjoy it!  Have a wonderful day, friends!



StacyRomaine said...

This is such a cool find! Right now there is no one else signed up who has a child in the same center as our Vanessa, and the info there was about the same as on her page, but seeing the center from above and the surrounding area WAS very cool! I am going to print off a picture of it for her to see. I'm guessing she will be pretty surprised! :)

faithlikemustard said...

You movitvated me to go dig around Our Compassion (I haven't been there in ages). I'm having a hard time finding the CDCs, but it is cool to see the aerial view of the countryside!

Cheri said...

Thanks for the post! The new changes to OC are exciting. Any time you can see photos or where these centers are you feel so connected. 3 of my 4 Centers are up there. Just waiting for one more. Now that I know you are on OC I friend requested you! I also know Jill(waving hi to Jill) - we were roomates on the Peru trip together.

Rebecca said...

WOw, I have had no computer for a couple days, and it looks like I have missed the coolest thing ever on OC! Gonna go check it out. Then after that it's Walgreens :)

Jessica said...

I haven't explored the new OC yet, but I need to soon!

Jill Foley said...

Thanks for the free collage heads-up. I made one of our 18 kiddos - it's a nice way to have them all in one frame. It's already been a great discussion starter in some of my violin lessons!

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