Wednesday, May 4, 2011

30,000 Words

Throughout the last two years, we have been blessed with some extra photos of a few of our Compassion International children. It is always a treat to receive another glimpse of our children, sometimes with their families. (The photos come after sending financial gifts to our children and it seems as if only a few projects have access to a camera for this purpose.) I have been known to stare at these extra photos for quite a while, at times even using a magnifying glass to get a better look at the little details.

Yishakfamily I love this photo of Yishak from Ethiopia, posing proudly with the goat he was able to buy with a $25 birthday gift sent to him. What a good looking family, right?

YishakBday2010 A few things stand out to me in these photos that we received. First, I am impressed by the incredible structure behind Yishak and family. It appears to be made of earth and grasses and it is much larger than the typical huts I have seen in other pictures. Second, I love the really neat trees behind the hut. They are not like anything we have here in NY, that is for sure!

Now, as much as we love photos of our children, our children get just as excited to get glimpses into our lives. As I shared last week, a recent letter from Rodrigo in Bolivia confirmed this.

I received the letters and photos that you sent me and I love them very much! It was like seeing you in person!”

Quite often, I hear sponsors say that they rarely send photos to their sponsored child because they no longer get their pictures developed, but instead keep them in digital form. So, I want to share a great website that I learned about recently on Our Compassion. (If you are not a regular member of Our Compassion, I urge you to go and check it out! I can’t tell you how many great ideas I have gleaned from that site!)

HotPrints offers FREE soft-cover photo books and shipping for each is just $2.99! When I first heard about them, I was skeptical. Would something so inexpensive end up being good quality? But, I created a photo book for Precious in Ghana and waited to see how it would turn out when it was delivered.

About a week later, the HotPrints book was delivered and I was thrilled with it!

HPIM3956 I included lots of pictures of my girls with their friends because Precious always asks about them. I was able to add many photos to the book and also add captions. If they say that a photo is worth 1,000 words, this one little book is like sending 30,000 words to our little sweetie in Ghana!

Now, as I said, there is room on each page to leave captions, however I do not believe that Compassion translators would want to write in the book to translate. What I suggest, if your child lives in an area where English isn’t spoken, is to send along a letter with the photo book. You could write something like, “Page one shows Sally and Jimmy in front of our church. Page two shows Jimmy with his friends, Billy and Bob.”

I just know that yours sponsored child would be so happy to receive one of these photo books! Go check out the HotPrints website and take advantage of this great deal!



Jessica said...

I'm so excited to get mine! :)

Amy D said...

I will definitely check this out!

Judy said...

I'm seriously thinking about doing that. I'm glad you posted a pic cuz I was wondering what they were like...

roy7 said...

An idea to consider. If you know someone who knows the language native to your child, you could have them translate the captions you wanted to use ahead of time and printed those translated captions into the photo book you are going to mail them. :)

faithlikemustard said...

I wondered if they translated anything other than the original letter. I love getting pictures, too. Hoping we get to see what Happyness's family got for their family gift.

CookieMonster said...

Hmm... are all of your pictures from your facebook account? I don't have a facebook account and I can't find any way to upload photos to hotprints.

Am I missing something?

CookieMonster said...

Ok, wait. I figured it out. It's not as intuitive as they think it is.

I had to type an album name first and then it would let me upload photos to that album.

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I am glad that you figured it out!

Valeboy said...

Wonderful idea!

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