Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend in Review (Part One)

The last few days have been busy with homeschooling, errands, household chores and more.  This morning I finally have a span of time to sit down and post about the incredible weekend we just had! The Compassion International Advocate’s Conference was wonderful!

On Friday night, the event was open to anyone with an interest in Compassion.  There were tables set up with all sorts of Compassion materials and child packets.


My friend, Kim, also brought an array of her Purse for a Purpose bags.  The profits from these beautiful bags goes to Compassion.


After a delicious dinner of salad and pizza, Doug West shared information about what Compassion is doing and the plans for the future.


Some facts that really impressed me:

  • 34,493 were registered into the Child Development Sponsorship Program in the last quarter.  That is an average of 375 per day!
  • An average of one church partner is added to the program every day!
  • 38,929 children came to Christ during the last quarter.  That is an average of 423 per day!

Compassion International is really doing some amazing work!

Next, we were able to hear the personal testimony of DJ Jey Mbiro, who grew up in the Mathare Slum in Kenya.  You may have read about this particular slum when the Compassion Bloggers traveled there in 2010 and blogged about their experiences.

(Photo is from this Brad Ruggles post which is a must-read.)

Over 800,000 people are crammed within the few square miles of tin roofed shelters. As Jey told us, rivers of sewage run between houses where people walk and children play. There is a big business of making hard alcohol down by the river. One swig of the brew will make you forget the worries of the day. Many children take to sniffing glue to escape the harsh reality of their lives.

But, in the center of the slum is an oasis. The Compassion International project, a place the provides so much for the children who have so little. The center is an island of hope in the sea of despair.

Tears sprang to my eyes when Jey told us that the first time he was ever told he was loved, it was the words that his sponsor wrote to him around the age of ten.


Take a minute to let that sink in.


The room full of advocates and sponsors were drawn into Jey’s testimony of how Compassion provided the education, nutrition, medical care, mentoring and, most importantly, the hope and encouragement that helped him survive and grow.

Following Jey’s presentation, we had time to fellowship and check out the tables full of materials and Compassion merchandise.  I loved talking with other sponsors and handing out lots of writing paper and envelopes while stressing the importance of the letters to our children.

Later today or tomorrow, I will be posting part two of the weekend in review. It is too much to share in one post and I am still catching up on some household duties and responsibilities.

Until next time,



Wender said...

My heart breaks at the thought of Jey not being told "I love you" until the age of ten. Thank God for his precious sponsor. *tearing up*

Praise the Lord for Compassion International!

Corina said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I look forward to Part 2. What a blessing to hear Jey's story!
Quick question for you - how long do the kids stay in the program?? And what happens after they "graduate" out? Can you still keep in contact with them? Sorry for all the questions.....long story short, I'm looking into sponsoring an older girl, but was wondering about a few things and knew you'd konw the answers! : )

Junie said...

Michelle, Thank you for posting about the conference. It sounded wonderful ! Looking forward to hearing part 2! God bless you, junie

Eden said...

I was a Compassion Advocate for a time, but never went to a conference. It must have been very moving to hear Jey's testimony first hand. Blessings,

Sarah said...

Thanks for visiting! I love the opportunity to check out new blogs! I was blown away by the number of correspondent kids you have, SUCH a cool ministry. Thanks for providing so many awesome tools for letter writing!

Do you mind if I link back to you as resource?

Much Love
Sarah Elizabeth

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Wendy, that broke my heart, too. Along with the realization that his story is probably not unusual. It really brings home the fact that we can make a difference!

Corina, it varies by country, but is generally 18-22. I know I just saw the list posted somewhere online if the countries with their respective ages of completion. If I find it, I will let you know. Compassion will give you the option of keeping in touch if you desire.

Junie, part two is up! It truly was wonderful!!

Eden, I have heard that some regions don't have yearly retreats like ours does. It is a great opportunity though!

Sarah, you are *more* than welcome to link here whenever you want! Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah said...

Thanks Michelle!

faithlikemustard said...

I've been anxiously awaiting these recap posts (but I, too, have been sidetracked this week). Keep 'em coming!

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