Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday’s This & That

Outside of my window…. the sky is overcast but the birds are all singing a cheerful song of spring.  I love being able to have the windows open so that the chorus of birdsongs coming from the woods surrounding our house can be the music that starts my morning.  The trees are really starting to bud, which makes me smile.

Around the house…. my girls are playing upstairs and boy are they noisy!  Lots of giggling and squealing going on!

The week’s failures…. My mood has been off all week.  I have been quick to frustration and easily stressed.  My energy levels have been low, which I thought was due to having both of my girlies struggle with sleep issues this week.   Last night, as I was laying in bed, I was thinking about the fact that I fell off the “work-out and eat right” wagon about two weeks ago.  I fell off and then I think I may have been run over by it as well.  I thought about how, when I was working out diligently, my husband mentioned my extra-upbeat attitude on more than one occasion.

To turn this failure into a positive, this morning I woke up and hopped back on the wagon.  I finished my turbo Jam workout before eight and can already feel the benefit of endorphins rushing through my body.  I need to remember this lessons.  Exercise really improves my mood!

Plans for the rest of the week…. I am preparing for a baby shower for a friend on Saturday and my Compassion Sunday at my church the following day. As I have said before, organization is not a natural strong point of mine, so this is a good time to practice making lists and working efficiently to get things done. 

Our church is fairly small and we have so many families sponsoring through Compassion International already. I will be taking 12 child packets with me on Sunday and I pray that we can find sponsors for some of those children! Would you join me in praying that the hearts of the members of Heart Cry Christian Fellowship would be open to hear the message I present?  (And also pray that I don’t fall on my face when I walk up to the podium or fumble my words when I speak?)

Now, time to get on with my day!  I hope you have a wonderful day and finish what you set out to do with this day the Lord has given you!

Be blessed, friends!



Teena said...

Michelle, I feel so much more "in tune" when I am on the excerise/eat right track too!

I will also be sharing Compassion Sunday this coming wk to our home school group of ladies. Wasn't able at my church. :(

Please pray for me too! I have 10 packets.My children are praying for 2ea. everyday...

Thanks! Praying for you,

Judy said...

I'm praying for your Compassion Sunday!
And for your return to the wagon. ;)

Sarah said...

Yes, I feel much better after I exercise too. Once I start, I'm ok. It's the starting that I procrastinate on...

I pray Compassion Sunday goes very well for you and that many children are sponsored! I scheduled my Compassion Sunday event for July this year, so that I will (hopefully!!!) have met my child and seen the student center firsthand. I submitted my request today...

Junie said...

I will be praying that children will be sponsored when you do your presentation Sunday. And I'll pray that the Lord will give you the words to say and that you won't be nervous. I'm excited for you and will be praying right along with you Michelle...and Teena I'll pray for the kids that you are praying for to be sponsored also ! :) I know God is going to do wonderful things !! God bless you all ! Junie

Big B said...

Michelle, I found your blog from the business card you shared with my wife.

I know exactly what you mean by being off the wagon. I feel that I fell of the wagon a month ago and I had to really force myself to work out today.

I enjoyed reading your blog.

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