Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dancin’ in the Streets

Ok, ok…  We live in the country, so it is more like dancin’ in the road.

I love Mondays. On Mondays, I can usually count on finding at least one cream colored envelope in our mailbox.  Some Mondays are so marvelous that I am blessed to find THREE! Woohoo!

Time to bust a move and break out in a Happy Dance at the mailbox! Yeah, I wonder what my neighbors think.

The first letter I opened was our second letter from Kazihizina in Rwanda. This is our girlie with the saddest face in her bio photo. I was told that she went years without receiving a letter from her sponsor.


Kazihizina Vestine is greeting you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. How are you all doing? Vestine is fine and she has got no problem. (That is good to hear!) Her family is fine too and they send you all lots of greetings. Vestine is doing good in school and she started her lessons of year 2011. She would like you all to continue praying for her so that she can pass well in her studies.  What season is it in your country? What relationship is between Jason and Michelle? (Jay laughed at this question!) Here in Rwanda we’re now in the dry season but it shines sometimes. May God bless you all richly.”

Now, we have been calling her Kazihizina since we were assigned as her correspondents in November, but perhaps she is mainly called Vestine.

Next, I opened up a letter from our Precious in Ghana. We also received a letter from her last week! I will share some excerpts from both letters.


Precious says that on Sundays she bath and goes to church at the Wesley Methodist Church to worship God. She do sing, pray, read Bible and give offering. She also says that she do like the local gospel being played in Ghana. She also says that she likes music so much.

Precious says that she likes the pictures that you send her and she would like you to give her your pictures snapped at church.

Precious says they sing and dance at the children service called Sunday School.

Precious says that she received some gifts from Melva through Emmanuella. (Melva sponsored one of the Precious Connection girls and sent along a gift for Precious in one of the letters she sent to her sponsored child, Emmanuella.)

She says that she wants to pray for you and your entire family to develop more love and compassion for needy children. She says that she wants you to tell her more about your friend Melva. She says send her greetings to Melva.”

The last letter I opened yesterday was from our handsome little Rodrigo in Bolivia.


Over the last year, Rodrigo’s letters have become so sweet, interesting and full of love.

Dear sponsors Jason and Michelle, Greetings with a lot of love. I received the letters and the pictures that you sent me.  I love them very much. It was like seeing you in person! I like to read your letters and know more from you.  I am glad that Kaya has a puppy.  I have a cat named Amello and my dog’s name is Rambo. They are very playful.  I go to the school and I am very well.  I learn many things.  My teachers are very good and patient. We are 32 children in my classroom. My school is big. There are little kids and the ones that are going to graduate. We pray for your life. May God bless you.  I say goodbye with a lot of affection and gratitude.  I’m looking forward to your next letter a lot. With love, Rodrigo”

Awww, what a cute letter! 

What really stood out to me with these letters is how much the children love the photos we send. I think of how excited we are to receive a photo of one of our children in the mail and it is clear that our pictures are just as treasured by our children.

So, my message to my readers today is to be faithful in sending photos to your sponsored children. We usually order our photos from Walgreens.com and they have them printed up and ready to pick up in 15 minutes or so.  They will also ship them to you if you don’t live near a store.

I am also looking forward to receiving the photo book that I ordered from HotPrints. I think that a free photo book that just costs $2.99 to ship is a great deal and I love that they are softcover and thin enough to send to our kids!

Have you sent photos to your sponsored children lately? Were you able to do a Happy Dance at your mailbox recently?  Tell us about it!



JD said...

I have a few photos of a tapped maple tree, let me know if you'd like some for your kids! Jillian took some neat squirrel photos for the Compassion kids yesterday too. I LOVE to send photos!

LOVE the letters... something from Precious' letter caught my attention, I think she goes to the same church as Ato Sam -- could it be? What Compassion center is she from? He's from GH316...

Jill Foley said...

I got two letters yesterday and two on Saturday! Plus 3 "step into your child's world" info sheets.

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

JD, that would be crazy! Precious goes to GH220, in Ajumako Ghana. If you look at Google maps, it comes up.

Robin said...

I just received 2 letters from my kids yesterday, and you are right....they both talked about the photos I recently sent! Well done pointing that out, it put 2 and 2 together for me this morning and I'm off to print some family pics for them. Have a good week!

JD said...

Ato Sam lives in Enyan Abaasa, which is somewhere in the Cape Coast area as well, but I have never been able to pinpoint it on any map. That is the name of the church he mentioned, though. But, could it simply be that this is simply the denomination of the church, and not a specific church name?

I asked him in a recent letter to tell me more about his village, church, area, etc...

Lana said...

How exciting! Getting letters from your sponsored children is the best feeling! I got my first letter from Sagar in Bangladesh yesterady and was SO excited! I'll be posting about it soon!

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