Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Compassion Family

Through my involvement with Compassion International, I have been blessed with the opportunity to get to know some amazing women.  One of those amazing women is my friend Jill, who publishes the blog called Compassion Family.

Jill created Compassion Family as a resource for families to persue the ministry of Compassion International together.  I have seen first hand how my own daughters have been able to connect with our sponsor children and have gained a different perspective as we’ve studied the countries and cultures of all of our children.

Jill’s blog features so many great ways to share the experience of sponsorship with your own children.

If you hop over to Compassion Family, you will find:

  • ways to pray for your sponsored child(ren)
  • posts featuring books, websites and videos that spotlight specific Compassion-assisted countries
  • memory verses
  • book reviews
  • family activities

….and SO much more!

Click the Compassion Family link and take a few minutes to read through Jill’s great blog! You will find so many ways to make your Compassion sponsorship a family affair!



Written Not With Ink said...

Argh--this is my second attempt. I had a long comment written out, then poof, it was gone when I hit "publish."

Thank you for responding to the call to devote your time to such an amazing and hepful blog! I have been reading through many of your posts and they are chock full with great suggestions. I can see how God is working in your heart to share what you know of His goodness. :)

I do have one question though.. Why do you always copy your letters onto the Compassion letterhead? Is it b/c they have a place to translate? Is it a requirement that you use their letterhead? Just curious. I recently signed up to sponsor a child but haven't yet received my packet in the mail. I found your blog through the Compassion site and have been devouring all your letter-writing posts! I'll have to check out the link to your friend's site too.

Thanks for all you do!


Jill Foley said...

Thanks Michelle! I have so enjoyed creating and writing the blog - I have been involved with Compassion for almost 17 years, and since starting the Compassion Family blog I have learned so much more about the ministry.

I've been curious, too, about why you always copy the letter head. I print my letters out straight on to pretty paper, and have never had Compassion tell me to do otherwise. I print mine, though, since there are 18 I'm writing....writing by hand takes too long and hurts my hand.

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I copy the letterhead because I was told that the bar code at the top of each letter makes it easier to scan the letters into the system in Colorado and at the country's Field Office. I don't know how much it helps and it certainly isn't necessary, but it is what I usually do.

I know many people who write on regular paper or make their own stationary with Word. In fact, right now I am printing up some stationary for an event we';re having on Friday. I plan to give out letter writing stationary and envelopes to sponsors to encourage them to write! (I'll post pics tomorrow!)

I am so glad that you've found my blog helpful, Barb! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Jill, I love your blog and I just bet that so many people find it helpful!

momzookeeper said...

Love connecting with other Compassion bloggers! Thanks for sharing this!

momzookeeper said...

Love connecting with other Compassion bloggers! Thanks for sharing this!

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