Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Thursday for Thankfulness

Lately, I have been feeling a deep gratitude that wraps around me like a soft blanket. It is the kind of feeling that sometimes leaves my eyes misty and puts a lump in my throat.

I am thankful for…

  • …a mighty God that sees fit to use me in His plans. A encouraging God that pulls at my heart and urges me to action.  A wise God that takes my feeble words and my little blog and makes incredible matches.
  • … every thoughtful comment, each encouraging email, every single prayer and the stories you stories you share with me. So often, I hear from my readers who tell me about things that give me goosebumps.  Most recently, I heard about a woman who decided to take on two new sponsorships.  She prayed that she would be able to have the means to support these children.  Within hours, she had a new job offer and a raise. I don’t believe in coincidences. Our God is at work here.
  • …a husband that comes home and can immediately see a glow and my excitement from knowing that more children have been sponsored.  He supports me and shares in my joy.
  • …each and every reader that takes the time to stop by.
  • Compassion International. For the work they are doing, not only for the children but for those of us who sponsor. My life has been changed from the minute I started looking into this organization and what it is all about.


Thank you!



CookieMonster said...

Thank you for sharing with us on this blog. Your ideas have helped me. The way I handle sending letters to my sponsored children has been transformed. Thank you.

karen said...

I jumped to your blog when I saw you read a post on mine--and that you live in the Finger Lakes. Before I moved to Maryland four years ago, I lived in Ithaca, went to Syracuse for grad school and am originally from Rochester, so you know I have quite an affinity for all things Finger Lakes. I look forward to reading more of your posts. This one is very inspiring, and I feel the same way right this minute!

Teena said...

Michelle you have helped me so much! I am thankful for you too!

so just wanted to share with you... that I will not be able to do Compassion Sunday at our church but today I decided that I would do it for our home school group. I will not be able to do it til May 2 but that is ok. It will be a smaller group but that is ok too!

Please pray for me... this is my first time. Working on being an Advocate too.

My eyes have been a little misty too ...

Much love,

JD said...

Praying with you, Teena!!

Michelle, I'm grateful for your heart for Him, for Compassion, and for your blog and blog readers... their support on the mission trip to Ghana has been tremendous and we're so grateful, we're struggling to find the words to express our gratitude -- all we can do is praise Him!

We've reached 1% of the goal to building the school, that seems like such a great victory to me, I can't wait to see what more He has planned!

May He bless you abundantly! Hey, btw, taking on 2 more Compassion children in a complete act of faith -- my husband just lost his job, I trust He'll provide, so much so that I'm taking on these kids as a way to "celebrate the unseen"!

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