Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Praise

I’ll kick off this post with a video of my sweet, bed-headed Luna Blue singing some praises with Jeremy Camp.

I have to say, I spent most of yesterday in a state of awe and with tears in my eyes.  In my heart, I know our God is amazing and powerful and mighty. But, when I see Him at work, like I did yesterday, it just leaves me in humble adoration.

When I posted about Little Miss Sunshine Tibikoma yesterday morning, I was in a bit of a rush and didn’t really get the chance to tell the whole story.

While Jay and I were working the Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith show on Friday, there were hundreds of child packets.  After Amy’s set was finished, there was a short testimony and they had what we call a “packet pass”.  Compassion volunteers walk through the auditorium and hand packets to people who raise their hands.  I was slightly disappointed that it seemed as if very few people raised their hands, but I also know that God works on hearts one by one and in His timing.  We brought back some of our leftover packets to a couple of volunteers stationed in the lobby during intermission and the rest went back to the main Compassion table.

When I can, I like to look through all of the packets available and pray over the children.  I check to see if there are any children in projects where our own CI kids attend and also try to put special needs kids or priority kids at the top of the stacks.  As I flipped through the packets, I came across this face and stopped right in my tracks.


Now, personally, I am usually drawn to the children with sad expressions on their faces.  Yes, the cute smiley kids bring a smile to my face, but it is the ones with sadness in their eyes that pull right to my heart.  But this sweet little Tibikoma was not to be overlooked or forgotten. The spark in her eyes and attitude she has is something special.

I put her packet at the top of the pile of children from Africa and showed to just about anyone who walked within a couple of feet of me.  Soon, my husband joined forces with me and took her packet into the crowds that converged in the lobby to check out the merch tables. His tall, slender frame wove between the lines and he showed Tibikoma’s packet to every person he passed.  Throughout Michael’s set, I kept at it.  Even threatening to slip her packet into the briefcase of my friend Rei, who is also the area’s Compassion Event Coordinator.

After the show was over, my husband took Tibikoma’s packet again and stood in the middle of the crowd of people streaming for the exit. When the crowd had dispursed, he came back to the table with her packet still in hand and said to me, “So, should we take her home?”  I couldn’t believe my ears and to be honest, I fell in love with my husband just a little bit more when he said that.  In a bit of shock, I said, “What?  Are you sure? Can we do that?” Jay told me that he’d be willing to cut out his Dunkin’ Donuts habit, as he had been stopping there a couple of time a week on lunch or after work. He said that he felt that God wants us to give sacrificially and with faith that God will provide for our needs. Cue the sparkly hearts and fireworks…  What a guy!

He won me over and I put Tibikoma’s packet in my purse.  While I was excited and happy, there was also a nagging feeling of, “Is this right?”  As we packed up the Compassion table and said our goodbyes to our Advocate possee, I felt unsure about sponsoring Little Miss Sunshine.  I realized that we didn’t pray before we decided to take her, which is something we’ve done before accepting any other sponsor child or correspondent.  On the way home, I told Jay about how I was feeling, and he said we would sleep on it.  I mentioned that I felt I should post about her on my blog to see if we could find a sponsor for her.  I told Jay how I had been praying for an 11 year old girl from Ghana named Betty on the Compassion site.  An older girl with that sad look on her face that had drawn me in. As I lay in bed that night, I knew that Tibikoma wasn’t meant to be our tenth Compassion International child. And I prayed that God would help me find her sponsor.

Yesterday morning, I woke up before Jay and showed her packet to my girls and Mother-in-law, who had slept over after watching the girls.  I had my coffee and couldn’t focus on much else than a desire to find Sunny-girl a sponsor. I prayed and typed up yesterday’s quick post and hit “publish”.  I shared the link on my personal Facebook page and then the Blogging from the Boonies FB page.  I prayed again and within 15 minutes, I had a notification from a friend who said she would take Tibikoma as her family’s second CI child. Jay had woken up just a few minutes before and I nearly shouted, “Can you believe this??  How long did it take? Fifteen minutes?”  And then I lost it.  I just broke into tears.

Luna said, “Mama… Are you crying for joy?”  Oh yes, I sure was. What an amazing God we have!  He works in ways we cannot fathom and makes the most perfect matches!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, friends!



Judy said...


The Burgess family said...

Thanks for sharing the "whole" story, it IS a good one! Love reading stories like this! :)

faithlikemustard said...

Yes! I've been needing some heartwarming stories this week! PTL! :)

Amy D said...

Love Luna. Love the story! Both make me smile!

Martta said...

I really understand your disappointment at a seemingly few people raising their hands for a Compassion packet. Your reporting of the last of response bothered me, and I have been thinking about it for several weeks.

Compassion has been "advertising" at Christian concerts for years and years (at least 15), maybe they have reached "market saturation" for that audience.

Rather than few people raising their hands indicating a lack of response, perhaps it is because many people in the audience have sponsored Compassion children already. This thought encourages me, and I hope it encourages you too Michelle.

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