Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Plea for Two Precious Boys

Our God has done amazing things when I have featured children from the project that our Precious attends in Ghana. Through His guidance, your prayers and the actions of my wonderful readers, many of these Compassion International children have received the wonderful news that they have been sponsored.

Let us rejoice for

florence Florence











Along with Cephus, George and Kenneth, whose pictures I don’t have on my computer.

Today, I am coming to you with two boys from this project that I love so much. The staff at this project puts a lot of effort into establishing relationships through frequent letters and photos. This makes it so easy to get to know these beautiful children and to create a bond through exchanged words.

Because these boys both have the same last name and both are listed as living with relatives, I believe they are most likely brothers. I don’t know the family situation or why they aren’t living with their parents, but I do know the hope and encouragement you will be able to give them if you were to step up and sponsor one of them. Both boys have been waiting over 6 months for a sponsor.

This is Prince. ((I am happy to say, he has been sponsored!!))

prince Prince is seven years old and he is living with his grandmother. He enjoys soccer and reading. Will you take a minute to pray for Prince and to look at his Compassion page?

This is Emammuel. ((He has been sponsored!! Praise the Lord!!))

emammuel Emammuel will turn 10 on Saturday. This project meets on Saturday and if he is sponsored today, I believe that the project may be notified in time to give him this good news on his birthday. Can you imagine how special that would be for him? Please pray that he will find a sponsor and take a minute to check out his Compassion page.

(If you do sponsor one of these boys could you do me a favor and type “source code: 110182” into the Special Instructions box when you finalize it on the Compassion page? It helps the Compassion headquarters keep track of how/where sponsorships are generated. Thank you!)

For any of you who have already stepped up to sponsor a child in this project, this might be a great post to share with friends or family. Then, you could also share this “precious connection” with someone else that you know!

Let us pray for these boys and that God will prick the heart of the person who is meant to sponsor one or both of them!



Amy D said...

I love your heart, Michelle. I have no doubt these boys will get sponsors!

faithlikemustard said...

You have definitely found God's purpose for you, Michelle!

candace & eric said...

Hello Michelle, My name is Candace and I wanted to let you know that we just sponsored Emammuel. I'm very excited to get to know him. He shares the same birthday as my older sister which I thought was pretty cool.

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Candace, you have brought me to tears! Thank you VERY much! Happy Birthday, Emammuel! <3

Robin said...

Michelle, you have such a big, warm heart and I love how Jesus is working through you. I smiled so big seeing Florence at the top-she holds such a big spot in my heart.

God bless the 2 kids you wrote about today, I will pray for them both, in addition to all the children. And God bless Candace...I love the story she shared about the birthdays!

Robyn said...

I too sponsor a child in Ghana...not sure if it's the exact same project, but I hear from my little girl ALL the time!!! I've gotten 3 pictures so far this year (since Jan). Whenever you send an extra gift, they will send you a photo. :) I love that I hear from her all the time, and it makes me feel very close to her!!

Chenning said...

I just went to the Compassion site and added Prince as our Compassion sponsor child! Looking forward to getting to know this sweet boy, and hoping he and his brother can rejoice together :-). Thank you for advocating for these guys. I have 3 little boys at home who will love to write to Prince and pray for him, and hopefully receive mail from him, too. Love, Chenning

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

What a day to be out of tissues! No matter how many times I see God work to make these connections, I always cry like a baby. Thank you, Chenning!

Robyn, Precious goes to GH220 Ajumako Bisease CDC.

Amy D said...

I knew they would be sponsored! Hurray!

Stacey said...

I am so excited to see how quickly these two were sponsored. God is truly working through you to bless these kids connected with Precious.

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