Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh, Happy Day!

The day started out wonderfully.  Instead of rolling out of bed around 6:30 in the morning, I opened my eyes to find full sunshine streaming through my window.  When I came into the kitchen to start the coffee, I discovered that I had slept in until quarter after eight! What a luxury!

While the temperature is still pretty cold, the cheery sunshine and bright blue sky put a bounce in my step.  I had taken several days off from working out when we had some little guests here, but I hopped back on the wagon this morning.  Those post-workout endorphins are a wonderful thing!

My day was made even better by the excitement of knowing that Agartha and Evelyn  have both been sponsored!! (Thank you, thank you, Stacey and Julie!!) God is so GOOD!

After lunch, I took Kaya to a birthday party and had an afternoon date with my little peanut, Luna.  One on one time is so special and fun!  We made a couple of stops in town including lunch at the bagel shop.

What could top off a day like this?  How about a Tanzanian Happy Dance!!  We received our first letter from Mkapa!

MkapaHe told us the names of his family members, including all seven of his siblings.  He shared that his favorite subject in school is math and he loves to learn the word of God.  He told us the name of his town and that it is on the border of Tanzania and Kenya.  We were able to look it up and see maps and aerial imaging of where he lives.  He also shared that he can see Mount Kilimanjaro and asked if we had heard of it. This was exciting for Kaya, because she learned about it during our unit study on Tanzania. Mkapa ends his letter, “I love you.” which is just so sweet.

As the sun sets on today, I am thankful for a day of goodness.  I hope that your day was good as well!



The Burgess family said...

How cool! My husband loves mountains, and always wants to know if our Compassion kids have mtns near them. I kinda hope someday we can have a child in Mkapa's area, who is near Mt Kilimanjaro :)

faithlikemustard said...

I think I've asked you this before, but which program is he in? My Happyness is near that area.

JD said...

What a sweet letter!! Compassion letter days bring a little extra special blessing to the day, eh?!

We got a few letters while I was gone, one from Ato Sam (Ghana) that thanked us for a recent gift, with which he bought "a dress" -- I think he meant dress clothes, as in, Sunday Best... unless of course, he bought his sister a dress? LOL It made me smile, especially since it included a photo. I can't wait to get home to see it!

I still can't find Ato Sam's town on any maps!

Junie said...

Hi Michelle, I'm so glad to hear you had such a nice day...with your little Luna and receiving the sweet letter from your boy in Tanzania ! I had a treat Fri. on my bithday...we received a note from our little guy in Kenya. We don't hear from him often so it made me happy ! Oh, and i went to the "Dollar General" store today to see if they had the thin books that you had mentioned. They did ! (at least i think they are the same ones...) I got "Moses' Dry Feet", "Shipwrecked Paul", "Jailhouse Rock" about Paul and Sias of course and "Joseph Forgives His Brothers." They also had a couple of books called "Picture Perfect" where the child finds differences in 2 similar pictures. They are very colorful. I know some of the pictures won't be sent to the kids because some emphasize how much the kids in America have...but alot of the pages will be just fine. Thank you for suggesting to your blog followers to go to the "Dollar General" store. I rarely ever drive down the street that it is on (in that direction) so i didn't even know it was there. I looked it up on google. :) Have a good week Michelle and every one else too !! junie

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