Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have I Mentioned?

Have I mentioned how much I love Mondays?  Most Mondays we bust a move, Happy-Dance style, at our mailbox. Those lovely cream colored envelopes that say, “A Message From Your Sponsored Child” are always such a treat!

Yesterday, I found one of those envelopes that is a bit larger than the usual business sized ones.  Most times, that means that a photo is included, so I tore into the envelope right away. 

It was a photo of Precious with the lovely outfit she was able to buy with the Christmas gift money that each child in the program receives. (From what I hear, toe 2010 Christmas gift averaged out to about $14 per child.) Our little sweetie loves yellow, so I was happy to see that she was able to find a beautiful ensemble featuring her favorite color.

scan0002 What a gorgeous girl she is and I bet she looks stunning in her yellow top and yellow-accented skirt!  One thing I notice in each of her photos is that she looks a bit more confident every time. I hope that one day we will see a big smile on her face on one of her photos!  She certainly brings a smile to my face when I think of her!

Speaking of my girlie in Ghana, I want to share something.  My friend JD, who has a fantastic blog called Compassion Can, is heading to Ghana in November.  I would like to ask you to read this blog post, which explains why she is going.  The story shattered my heart to pieces. Please, if you could help in any way, it would be appreciated.  Maybe your help comes in the way of money to help this mission happen, or maybe it comes with sharing the link on your blog or Facebook or Twitter, or maybe you can offer up prayers.  Perhaps you can even do all three. I know you can do at least one.



Jessica said...

You are one lucky lady to have such dancin' mondays! Precious is looking so healthy!

Deanna said...

It was a happy dance day for us too!

JD said...

I pray to be able to meet Precious face to face during my travels, Michelle -- it is my desire to photograph her beautiful smile for you and to give her a huge hug on her behalf... praying for it to be God's will!

Thank you SO much for the Ghana support, it makes a tremendous difference! I'm so eager to see this all unfold from the hand of God!

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