Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do You Need a Little Sunshine?

Last night, Jay and I had a wonderful time working the Compassion International table at the Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith concert.  We have such a wonderful group of Compassion Advocates and working events with them is always such a joy.  I lamed out and didn’t take any pictures of the event, but I do have a photo to share.


This is Tibikoma from Uganda.  From the minute i saw her photo, this little sweetie stole my heart. All evening, I showed her child packet to whoever I could.  While many people fawned over her, by the end of the night, she still wasn’t sponsored.  My husband suggested that we “bring her home” and after thinking for a few minutes, I stuck her packet in my purse.

Initially, we had agreed to sponsor her, but as we drove home and as I lay in bed last night, I had this overwhelming feeling that Tibikoma was not to be ours.  You see, I have had another girl in Ghana on my prayer list. I feel that, if we are to bring our tenth Compassion International child into our family, that Betty would be the girl for us.

So, I am going to make a plea to my readers.  Take a look at this spunky girl in the sunny yellow dress and let me know if you would be willing to add her to your family.

Some details about Tibikoma: Her birthday is May 17th, 2005.  She is listed as living with just her mother.  Her duties include carrying water, buying or selling in the market and cleaning.  There are two children in the family.  Tibikoma enjoys singing, playing with dolls and jumping rope. Being from Uganda, her letters would most likely come in English.

If you would be willing to take Tibikoma into your family, please contact me and I will get you the info that you need to sponsor her online.  I would mail her packet to you this week and could also add in a little something to send her as well.

(( Edited to share just how GOOD our God is!  Within twenty minutes of publishing this blog post, I was contacted by a friend who has agreed to sponsor Tibikoma!!  Praise the Lord!!  Let us rejoice! ))

If you aren’t able to sponsor her, would you join me in prayer for her to find a sponsor quickly? I would truly appreciate it.



SW said...

She is so adorable!

Martta said...

Our quiver of Compassion children is full right now, but I will pray for her. Look at how light colored her hair is, I suspect she is severely malnourished.

Many people in Uganda live on $5 a month. A $25 family gift could give her entire family supplemental food for a quarter year. A $10 child gift may be the equivalent of two or three months salary for her family. This is a great opportunity for a person who wants to give extra birthday, child or family gifts but cannot give a whole lot extra. As we know from the gifts you've sent Precious, dollars go so far in some parts of Africa.

Her smile is glowing: she is Ms Personality!

Judy said...

SO CUTE!!! I'll definitely be praying for her.

JD said...

There is something about the expression on her face, the look in her eyes, that twinkle of spirit -- I'm so grateful that God brought her sponsor to this post!!


Jill Foley said...

Wow - God is so good! I am always encouraged by his faithfulness to bring in the harvest when you do these posts.

Praising God with you, Michelle!

Lana said...

That is amazing that she has been sponsored already! What wonderful news! She is beautiful!

Hannah said...

Thanks for visiting me, Michelle!
My older daughter's CI child is from Uganda. We've enjoyed getting to learn more about that country now via our homeschooling ventures.

I love how you followed the Spirit on this one, and He was able to bless someone else by moving them to give.

Teena said...

How awesome! when I read the edit that she was sponsored I immediately started thinking of her new family. How THEY will be changed... how THEY have a new child in their family.... usually I think about the child.

Our life has been changed by these Compassion kids! By YOU, Michelle, JD, Jill.... so many have come along side me to show me the way. Thank you.

much love,

Ⓙaη @ ฿◎ßßƴ℘ḯη❝﹩ ℬ◎aґdẘαʟк ツ said...

This is a wonderful ending. It gives me goosebumps! God's blessing these little ones. Isn't it a privilege to be a part of such an occurrence?

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