Monday, March 7, 2011

Because It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask…

Yesterday, I mentioned an 11 year old girl in Ghana who has been pulling at my heart. 


This is Betty. She lives with her grandmother and father, with no mention of a mother on her bio. When I look at her face, I see a sadness that hurts my heart. I feel a desire to pray for her and *do* something for her. Seeing as she is 11, chances are that she’s already been sponsored at least once and has had the sponsor drop her. I don’t think people realize how devastating this can be to a child.

As I mentioned previously, I had noticed her weeks ago and instantly felt connected to her.  After finding a sponsor for Tibikoma, I had hoped we might be able to sponsor Betty, but after talking it over with my husband last night I realize that now isn’t the time for us to add another financial sponsorship. 

So, I am going to keep praying and ask if you would join me as well.  If you feel like you might be able to add Betty to your family, I would be so happy. It would bring SO much joy and relief to my heart, and most certainly Betty’s as well.

Generally speaking children from Ghana will write back for just about every letter you send and travel time is short.  Betty may have some issues opening up to a sponsor if she has already been dropped once before, but with regular and encouraging letters, she may warm up to you.

Thank you in joining my prayers for this beautiful girl.  I am praying that she will soon find a sponsor who will send love and encouragement and maybe even a smile to her sad face.



Judy said...

I'm praying for her. :)

Christi said...

I'm praying, too. I can't wait until we can sponsor another child.

kasumi 霞 said...

I wish I could sponsor her, but I'm maxed out on my sponsorships at the moment. I will definitely pray for her though, and ask around at my school to see if anyone might be able to sponsor her.

Christina said...

How do I become a sponsor?

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Hi Christina,

Sponsoring through Compassion consists of two major parts; the financial commitment and the commitment to write letters to your child. The sponsorship cost is $38 per month. If you're interested in learning more, I suggest going to the Compassion Website (which you can get to if you click "Compassion International" in blue in any of my posts) and seeing if you think the organization is for you.
Personally, I think it is an amazing organization and have been changed by our decision to reach out to children in this way. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

Thank you to all of you who are praying for Betty!!

steph said...

Be encouraged! I just saw on OC that a high school student has started blogging for Compassion and as I checked out her blog she was featuring your little Betty on it! Thought you might like to know.

Lana said...

I hope Betty is sponsored soon!

Jennifer said...

I just click the link to see if she got a sponsor and it said "We're sorry. This child was selected by another person while you were considering your sponsorship on the web site."

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