Thursday, March 10, 2011

~Beautiful Blessing~

A couple of people remembered me talking about my daughters asking for a sponsor child named Blessing and I was sent the link to a beautiful girl in Togo. She is a true Blessing, indeed!


Blessing lives in Togo with just her mother listed as her guardian. I just love the hands on her dress. They remind me of the way we reach out to help these sweet children. Blessing will turn 8 in just two months, so if one of you sponsor her, you would have just enough time to get a birthday package out to her for her special day!

(Let me know if you decide to sponsor her! Betty from Ghana that I featured a few days ago is gone from the website but her link doesn’t take you to the page it usually would if she was sponsored. Her packet may have been sent to an event or an Advocate.)

After I was told about Blessing, I really felt compelled to try to find a sponsor for her seeing as we’re not in the place to sponsor a child at this point. But, then it occurred to me that maybe I could ask if anyone wanted to go in on a sponsorship with me. I mulled the idea over for a while and then took it to prayer.

What came to mind after time in prayer is that there are so many older children who are waiting for sponsorship but just have a year or two left in the program. The financial commitment to these children would be shorter and it might be more feaseable to go in on sponsoring one of the young adults that is closer to graduating the program. My friend Amy, from Queen of the D Family (blog link can be found in my sidebar) was able to take a collection and raise funds to sponsor an older CI child. I think that is a wonderful thing.

So, dear readers, would any of you be willing to pitch in on sponsoring a young adult through Compassion International? It could be a wonderful cooperative effort and a way to build up and encourage a young man or woman as they venture from childhood to adulthood. I am going to talk it over with my husband this evening and if it seems like something he would be ok with, and if I have enough people willing to pitch in just a little, I will go through the Compassion International website and look through the older kids. (I already have a Paypal account set up and it might be the easiest way to transfer funds in this case.)

No pressure, just an idea that came to mind. Leave a comment or email me if it is something you might be interested in!



Teena said...

Michelle, you come up with such great ways to reach out and help...

I have a question... first let me say since the first of the year Alyssa and I go to the CI site and pick two children a piece and pray for them for a week and then go back to see if they are gone.

So my question.... what is the page you are talking about that is the page where they have been sponsored?

Wondering if the ones we see gone are sponsored or just taken for an event.

Thanks again and again for all your help!


Judy said...
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Wender said...

Great idea Michelle!! You are blessed with such a creative, thinking-outside-the-box mind! :-)


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