Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday in Bullet-Points

  • They’re calling for a big storm to blow into our area later today, so I am gathering up the Emergency Preparedness supplies.  The snow itself doesn’t really bother or worry me, but the ice they’re predicting can cause power outages.  Because we have a well, whose pump cannot run without electricity, I am filling up containers with water.  I’ve also gotten out the candles and lanterns and am making sure that the flashlight batteries are charged.  It is times like this when I am really thankful for a woodstove and knowing that we will be warm and be able to cook.  If you’re living in the region where the storm is going to hit, please make sure you are prepared!
  • I am feeling really good about some changes I was wanting to make.  I am sticking with commitments that I made, such as daily personal Bible reading and family Bible reading in the evenings as well as working out on a regular basis.  Accomplishment feels so good!
  • Now that we have two new children from Compassion International in our family, we also have two new countries to learn about.  This morning, I ordered many neat looking books featuring Tanzania and Uganda.  I can’t wait until they’re delivered to our library so that the girls and I can look through them.
  • Speaking of books, I am happy that we now have 3 Compassion children in countries that speak English. I love to send thin, softcover books to promote literacy and now we have three kids to send to.  Now, I know that the official list of things we can and can’t send lists books under the “can’t” section.  I think they’re referring to hardcover and thick books, because I have sent the thin type many times and have never had them rejected.  I am able to find the books at the Dollar General, Dollar Tree and the various thrift stores in the area.  You can also send issues of magazines like Ranger Rick and Highlights.  (I would steer clear of other magazines that have advertisements in them, though.)  Here is a picture of just some of the books I have stashed to send our kids. I’ve got story books, activity books, How to Draw books and  Bible themed workbooks for little ones. I do think that the Frog and Toad book might be a bit too thick, but the others are just a few pages and should go through just fine.HPIM3670
  • If you sponsor through Compassion and have children of your own, you should subscribe to the Compassion Kids magazine.  It is a wonderful way for your children to learn more about Compassion and they people they serve.  To subscribe, email compassionkids@us.ci.or and tell them your name and address.
  • One last reminder!  Tomorrow around noon, I will draw a name for the $20 Bead For Life certificate!  If, for some reason, my power is out, I will be texting the winner to my friend Jessica and ask her to contact the winner. (I hope that’s ok with you, Jessica! ;) )


Jessica said...


faithlikemustard said...

First, I wondered about books. How do you know if something gets rejected?

Second--thanks for the tip on Compassion Kids Mag! I'm gonna sign up today!

Stay warm...it's a balmy 16 degrees here today. Brrr....

Amy D said...

Everyone else gets the great weather. :-) LOL. It's kind of chilly here today, but sunny and warm when you are not in the shade.

Thanks for showing the pictures of the books you have. I just read on Compassion that the thin books with just the staple for the "binding" is okay. Apparently it's no different than sending a few sheets of paper stapled together.

Stay warm, safe and happy during your storm!

P.S. I'm proud of you!

Amy D said...

Megan, I haven't had anything rejected, but it sounds like they give you a call to see if they can donate it or if you want it sent back to you.

Jessica said...

I've never been contacted about a rejected item, including when I hot glued our family photo to a big ole piece of foam, before I found out foam isn't supposed to be allowed. *shrugs* For all I know they ripped it off the foam and still sent the photo. Lol.

Jenn L. said...

Thanks once again, Michelle!

I tried using the link you posted for the Compassion Kids, but I think it is missing a g at the end of "or".

I hope that the storm misses you and you get to keep your electricity :)

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