Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Special Delivery

Yesterday was an emotionally raw day for me.  I spent most of the day wavering between tearing up and going through the motions of my daily duties. After lunch, I sent my two girls to their rest and took a Compassion training call. Once the call was done, Kaya was still reading and Luna was still napping.  A break in the clouds poured sunshine onto the snow and I decided to take Scruffy for a walk to the mailbox. Being outside and taking deep breaths of fresh air always seems to help when I am upset.


It is a bit of a walk to our mailbox….


While walking, I spot tracks from raccoons and deer.  Cheerful chickadees scurry from branch to branch overhead.


Some days, I make this trek several times. 


Lots of cardinals and waxwings can be found in this stretch of trees and shrubs. The beauty of a cherry-red cardinal in the Winter always brings a bit of a smile to my face.


My cute companion checks his “pee-mail”, as Kaya says.


Finally, the end is in sight! Almost t the mailbox!

And, I find some joy and smiles waiting for me!


My Happy Dance lacks a bit of its usual enthusiasm because of the heaviness in my heart, but I am still excited to read new letters and finally have Madina’s packet in hand. I am able to put her photo in a frame and place in the the arrangement I have on my windowsill and stereo.


It does hurt to see Nico in our family picture.  But what comes to mind is this, as I look at our family: We have to trust God to watch over ALL of the children in our family that aren’t with us. We have to pray and trust that God will take care of those we cannot be with. 

I am working at trusting. Thank you all for your prayers and comments and emails.  Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.



faithlikemustard said...

Praying for you this morning and thankful that you have such a big heart and a large extended family all over the world! :)

Jessica said...


Lana said...

Praying for your heart! Know that you are an inspiration to so many!

JD said...

Praying alongside of you... so glad for His provision in the mailbox, and for His mercies being new each morning. You're not alone...

Judy said...


Alia Macrina Heise said...

I know you may never know if she gets them, but maybe Nico can be another one of your correspondent children for now. I wonder if it would help you to mail her her own packet every time you send out the others...

Bev Sykes said...

I'm glad you had a good mail day. I know it can't make up for what you're going through with (and without) Nico, but God has given you all these other children who need you too. And all of us who are inspired by the work you do.


Bev Sykes said...

Michelle--I found the coffee cup site. It's wishafriend.com

Ava's Mom said...

Hi Michelle -- I just read your comment over on Bev's blog. Thanks for the helpful info on the graduation present! (I'm always learning something new about Compassion.) Thanks for your wonderful blog and the great work you're doing for CI.

Hugs and many prayers for the challenges you're dealing with.

I really should add the comment section back to my blog. I took it off because I was so behind in answering comments! :)

God Bless and hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Junie said...

Dear Michelle, I just want you to know i am praying for you dear one. Sending many hugs to you, junie

Caitlin S. said...

Sorry your heart hurts. And Nico's. You're right though. God's got this under control... even though it's hard to believe it.

Kimberly said...

Thinking of you and praying for you and your family.

I love how you display the Compassion photos. Such beauty.

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