Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Come Together Trading Company

As a blogger, I really love being able to spread the word about organizations and companies that I support. Last year, I heard about Come Together Trading Company.

“We are a Christ-Centered Fair Trade Retail Store seeking to help our brothers and sisters living in underdeveloped countries across the world by providing a marketplace for the beautiful products they produce.”

I had heard that some parents of Compassion International sponsored children in Uganda were making jewelry out of rolled paper beads. I was directed to God Is Able Jewelry which was being sold by Come Together. What beautiful products!

As I looked through the Come Together Trading Company online store, I was struck by the variety of products offered.

Beautiful Baskets…..








Plenty of purses…

Not to mention, clothing, jewelry, toys, instruments, soap, journals, household decorations and many other beautiful wares made all around the world. I could spend hours creating a wishlist from all of the exquisite items they carry!

The next time you’re in the market for a gift, won’t you consider shopping at Come Together Trading Company, where your purchase will bring income to an artist around the world? If you’re lucky enough to live near Canton, Texas, you can even check out their brick and mortar store!

I am so happy to be able to give one of my amazing readers a $20 gift certificate to CTTC, which can be redeemed on their website or in their B&M store! You will have three different ways to enter this drawing and you’re welcome to leave a comment for each option you’ve chosen!

How To Enter:

1. Go to the Come Together Trading Company website and browse around.  Come back and comment telling me your three favorite items on their site!

2.  Go to the Come Together Trading page on Facebook ( found here ) and “like” them.  Then “share” their page with your friends and urge them to “like” them as well. Come back and leave a comment to tell me you’ve done so!

3. Write a blog post featuring Come Together Trading and leave me a comment with the link to your post.

For each entry, I will put your name into a jar and I will have one of my daughters pull a name on Wednesday, February 23rd around 10am EST.

Good Luck!!



Judy said...

I shared them on my Facebook account. And I liked the Manta tote and one of the coin purses so much, I went ahead and bought them!!! :) Their journals are awesome too!!!

Thanks for bringing companies like these to our attention! SO AWESOME!!!! :)

Jessica said...

I liked and shared on Facebook.

I'm not really a jewelry person, so I went straight to the bag section. I loved the Urban Wax Print Explorer Bag and the Shanti Bag. I also like the kids aprons.

The Burgess family said...

Ohh, I like this even more than the Bead for Life stuff you recently shared! I like the "Christ-centered" part :) Many fair-trade organizations are not necessarily Christian, I still support them but I like that this one goes so far as to say "Christ centered" :)

I'm like Jessica, not much for jewelry but I like the bags. I liked the Becky Purse. And ALLLLL the handwoven baskets. Way cool! Definitely gonna add this to my "better gift shopping options" bookmarks list!

Living in Taradise said...

Africa Batik Bags and Pakko Bag...and the aprons for kiddos!

inktarsia said...

Thanks for sharing about one of my favorite fair trade shops! This year, our Christmas gifts came from Come Together. Teachers loved the God Is Able bead necklaces (some of the beaders are Compassion moms).

The Manta bookmarks are gorgeous, too. But the most popular was the "nose" glasses holder.

Jill Foley said...

Very cool...

I like the Triple Kisii stone pendant, the broom skirt and the children's mobile

Familiar Little Frog said...

I came, I saw, I shopped. I bought a shopping bag, the batik purse, and a tube top/skirt for my daughter's birthday (shhhh!)

Very cool site!

Deanna said...

Hi there. Wanted to say how great it is to find a Fair Trade Company that is Christ Centered. yay.

I liked them on Facebook.

I checked out their page:
My favorites are:
Pakko Tote Bag
Children Of the World Mobile
Children's aprons

thanks for letting us know about this great site.

Jenn said...

I browsed the site and my three favorite things were the floral trivet in the kitchen section, the Becky Purse in Kalamkari Print from the purse section, and the Little Bird Wind Chimes from the garden goodies section.

Thanks for sharing this site, Michelle!

Amy D said...


I want to do this, but my mind is on overload. LOL.

faithlikemustard said...

Oooo! I'm not far from Canton and I have friends who shop there. I'll spread the word! I love that they are putting the Christian into Fair Trade. Awesomeness.

I love, love, love those nesting baskets that you featured as well as the polka dot peace scarf....and much more! :)

faithlikemustard said...

Oh...P.S. I liked them on Facebook.

Donna Cox said...

Liked & Shared on Facebook.

Thought the Recycled Market Tote made from cement sacks is very cool also the Recycled Paper Cross.

steph said...

This stuff is so cool- I don't know how you find all these cool sites but thanks!
It is hard to pick 3 but
Africa Batik Bags
Assorted cloth soft book/leather journals
Floral trivet

and I like it on FB and know Alot of my friend will too.
Thank again.

ronda said...

Cool site. wish I lived close to the store. Don't laugh I want to order some of the bells for my goats. It is so pleasant to hear them jingling on the hill side.

kathy55439 said...

I really like the Freeset - Liberty Bloom Bag
I have like them on facebook for a while I found them threw a friend on Compassions website as well.. I agree with Deanna about enjoying finding a Christian base fair trade

Peggy said...

I would love to order the Children Of the World Mobile,the passport bag, and the Coconut drum. This store is a great idea!

Peggy said...

I liked the FB page for the store

Amy D said...

I liked on Facebook:

My three items are:

*REcycled magazine jewelry
*The hammock:
*Guatemalan Cotton Scarves

Amy D said...

I "liked" AND shared.

Teena said...

wow thanks for sharing Michelle. I love how you give us heads up on how we can help.

Much love,

Tracy said...

The BAGS! I love the bags! And I "need" more so I can continue to drive my husband crazy by switching bags/purses all the time.

chipsndip4ever said...

LOL... I checked out your site to get tips on writing my CI child in Uganda, so I was so excited to see this opportunity to purchase items from parents of CI in Uganda. I have "like" them on fb, requested them to a friend and the three items I liked the most were: Colorful Raffia Basket, Flat Bracelet-solid color, and wrap around leaf journal. Thanks for this site!!

The Biggs Family said...

I visited the website a love the Multi colored necklace but cant decide on med or large, Manta coin purse, & Single bracelet varigaited, & Beaded spirals bracelet. Hope thats ok but i picked 4. Couldnt decide.

The Biggs Family said...

I went to facebook & liked page & also shared on my page.

The Biggs Family said...
I linked one together trading on my blog & posted about it!

Zachary said...

I always love shopping these types of sites.... My fave item is the set of windchimes in a wooden frame that you sit in a window. I also love the bells... and the hammock.... and the leather journal with replaceable inserts..... and a banana leaf woven "platter"..... I could go on and on. But I bookmarked the site so I could go back and at least get the windchimes and a bunch of the bells soon. And then later I'll be getting the hammock and the leather journal. Only reason I am not going for the banana leaf platter is that you can't pick colors. I like the one shown.... I have to remember this site come next Fall so I can get Christmas gifts! ~Michelle from OC

Zachary said...

Well. I don't have a google account or other acceptable id in order to post.... so I used my son's. So Zachary is really Me... Michelle. :o)

Christi said...

Liked on FB!

Christi said...

Just THREE faves? But there are SO MANY awesome products!

Unique Classic Messenger Bag
Peace Bag
Rayon Broom Skirt

heatherinin said...

My favorites:
1. recycled sari pocket bag
2. Freeset Messanger freeze frame tote
3. Women's Panel Skirt-Retro Sage/Eggplant

But I could go on and on for many more choosing my favorite. What a great site!

heatherinin said...

I went to facebook, liked them, and shared it. And my mother-in-law already ordered something because of that share. :)

Terry said...

Hi there everyone! I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! To Michelle for sharing about Fair Trade and our company, Come Together and to everyone who has commented her, joined our facebook group, shared with your friends and family and already placed orders from our website. We are completely humbled every single day witnessing what God is doing through this effort. We LOVE what we GET to do! So again and again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ... for caring so much for our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world and for giving God ALL the Glory! In awe of Him, Tammy

Christi said...

I blogged!!

rebecca said...

Someone may have already said this but if u click on the "about us" section 2 see how they got started, it was from a trip with compassion international.

rebecca said...

I think some people are missing step 3 in the contest rules ;).

Rebecca said...

I "liked" their facebook page!

Thanks for sharing this...I will def. be buying gifts through them in the future.

Rebecca said...

(p.s....from last comment, I also shared them after I liked them :)

My favorite three items (it was hard choosing just 3!):

1.Pakko Tote
2Africa Batik bag (bags are my weakness)
3. Impressionist blue scarf

Rebecca said...

Okay, I shared Come Together Trading Company on my blog (can you tell I really would love that gift card? :)

Here is the Html:

Sorry, I don't know how to make that clickable.

mrsalf97 said...

So hard to choose just 3, but I like the women's red kimono blouse, reversible scarf with mosaic circles in blue/white, and I am in love with the spiral plate. Thank you for sharing this link, I will be ordering gifts for family and friends this year.

mrsalf97 said...

I liked them on fb, but I can't figure out how to share it on my wall.

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

So many entries!! :D

To share on your wall, go to the CTTC FAcebook page, copy the URL by higlighting it and hitting Control+c. Go to your wall and in your status box click "link", in that box you will click Control+V to paste the URL. In the dialog box, tell your friends why they should check out CTTC!

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