Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday’s This & That

This week’s successes~

I’m rejoicing over the children sponsored from Precious’ project.  It seemed like a pretty big undertaking when the idea first crossed my mind. How easily we forget…all things are possible when God is in it.

This week’s failures~

:deep breath:  Gosh, there are so many…

My plans to get “back on track” were majorly derailed by a yucky sickness that invaded our house last Friday.  First it took down my girls, then I got it.  Achey, congestion, coughing…  My plans to work out were squashed. My hopes to get the housework under control were wrecked.  The Christmas tree and decorations are still up.  My patience was thin.   We only got to reading the Bible as a family one night in the last week. 

I hit a wall a couple of days ago. 


Romans 12:1 ~ fail.  No wait, make that Fail with a capital F! It hit me like a brick in the forehead.  “…present your bodies as a living and holy sacrifice…”  I can joke about eating chocolate for every meal in December, but the reality of it is not funny.  I am creeping up to an all time high non-pregnancy weight.  I am wearing elastic waistbands as much as possible.  I am not comfortable in my own skin, which affects a WHOLE slew of other things. My attitude, my sense of self, my affections to my husband, my energy levels and therefore my productivity.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.

It has GOT to change. It is going to take more than prayer, but lots of hard work.  Romans 12:1 is the memory verse I am etching into my mind and putting on my refrigerator.  Crave God, not Nutty Bars.  Amen.

In other news~

Kaya got her ears pierced last Thursday.  She’s gone back and forth about wanting them done.  A couple of years ago, she decided to do it.  We went to a local salon and she hopped up in the chair with a smile.  As I watched the lady load the piercing gun, Kaya slipped out of the chair and headed for the door, white as a sheet.

At the end of December, she decided that she was ready.  Really, truly ready.  She did great!

On the way home from the mall, I stopped into a thrift shop and found a bunch of Christian books, including Beautiful in God’s Eyes by Elizabeth George.  What a great book!  I read it through once without taking any notes and now I plan to go through chapter by chapter and really soak it in.

I have also started prayer journaling in the beautifully decorated journal a friend gave to me on Christmas Eve.  I pray daily, but find that my silent prayers to God sometimes drift off as I get sidetracked.  Writing them down keeps me focused and seems to be helping.

Something that makes me smile~

I am a cheapskate.  Really.  So much so that I had to talk myself into splurging the $2 for the potted crocuses I found at grocery store last week.  It is rare that I buy something, just for me, because I want it.  I am glad I did, though.  Our first crocus flowered yesterday and it really does make me smile.

HPIM3570 Ah, sweet little beacons of Spring… though Spring is still a long ways off, here in New York.

One last thing that makes me smile~

I love me some David Crowder.


The Burgess family said...

Oh, I love your flower! Im the same way about buying things like that, but it is good to have little brightening things like that in our lives sometimes :)

Lana said...

So many things you said are true for myself. I am also at an all time non-pregnancy weight and I have got to make some changes!

Our house seems to have that same yucky bug!

Jessica said...

Ugh, for real on the weight thing! For me, that is. I think my own starting to prayer journal this week (funny that we both did that without the other knowing) has helped me a lot. I've made better, but not perfect choices.

faithlikemustard said...

I like I Corinthians 10:13 as a fridge verse. Reminds me that everybody has to deal with the same stuff.

Sarah said...

Kaya did GREAT! I was not so good when mine were pierced.

I hear you about the non-pregnancy weight. That's something I've been working on as well.

Just wanted to let you know that I've followed your lead with the Compassion binder - I think it's really going to help me. Blogged about it today.

Love your new header pretty. No snow down here in South Georgia. It is chilly though.

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Kit, isn't it cute? I'm glad I decided to get them, their beauty brings me a little lift.

Lana, I hope you guys feel better soon! Your little Easton is SO cute! I hope that we can find encouragement in the fact that we're facing the same battles.

Jessica, I thought the prayer journal connection was pretty neat. I think God is working on us with this issue. I read about the getting out of breath while vacuuming and can relate. I'll be praying we can make changes that result in better health and stamina.

Megan, I am adding that to my list of great verses. I am doing REALLY good today and have been able to fight those temptations. One day at a time....

Sarah, I saw your posts and love what you're doing!!

Amy D said...

I like your new layout, Michelle! :-) It's all so pretty.

Sara said...

I love me some crowder band too ;)!

I am my highest postpartum weight ever, but I am 8 months postpartum. The thing with me though is that I eat well and I exercise and I exercised a ton and ate really, really well when I was pregnant. And I am breastfeeding on demand! So, I think what it really boils down to is loving my body- just as it is. It does so many amazing things every day. I am really in awe of it. I have a few clothing items that I feel good in and I wear them over and over and over. That is what I am trying to work on- body love.

Heather said...

I was actually just thinking of you the other day, and how you used to do sit ups every time you'd open a post. Remember that? :)

Teena said...

Michelle, I understand your thoughts... seems things are spinning out of control here...

God is giving me His grace & mercy.

I am so thankful for all of your "precious" children. How awesome to see how God worked! Thank you for sharing it with us.

I appreciate your REALNESS.


Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Thanks, Amy! Time for a change!! :)

Sara, I am working on body-love, too. What I cannot deny, though, is how unhealthy I am. It isn't so much about looks as it is about endurance and health.

Heather, I think back to that, too! Seems like it was an easier option when I was on slow dial-up that took 3-4 minutes for every page to load. lol That did work really well for me at the time. I will have to think of a way to work incentives of internet time to forcing myself to be active. The internet is a BIG weakness for me.

Teena, oh I am very very REAL. I need to make sure I show my faults because, even when I manage to do good things, I am very much a REAL work in progress.

Sydney said...

Would you girls take a moment and tell me more about your prayer journaling? I've heard about keeping a journal but never really understood HOW to keep a prayer journal.
I'd appreciate your thoughts on this.

Thank you!

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Sydney, it has been pretty random so far. Some days, I write out complete prayers. I think God specifically for things He has helped me with and ask specifically for help where I need it. Some days, it has been very basic. Like:
Praise Report:
~Thank you for....
Prayer Requests:
~help with patience
~strength to fight these temptations.....
I do not follow any set format. It depends on what is going on around my house and how much time I think I'll have to write.
I also copy down Bible verses that I want to keep in mind or reflect on.
Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, just ask. Maybe Jessica will stop by and share a little of how she does it, seeing as she just started back at it this week, too.

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