Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Precious Connection

This afternoon, I happened to log into my account on the Compassion International website to see if we had been assigned a correspondent child to “replace” Yolanda. When I saw that we hadn’t, I decided to torture myself by looking through some of the children waiting for sponsors. More specifically, I was looking through ones who have been waiting more than 6 months. As I scanned the pages of photos, I realized that I recognized the background on many of the Ghana photos. Upon further inspection, I found that there are several children from Precious’ project in Ghana that are up for sponsorship and have been waiting for a while.

In fact, I am fairly certain that a couple of the 7 year old girls are friends that Precious has mentioned in our letters.

I have to say, we were VERY blessed to have Precious as our very first sponsor child. We were very spoiled by, not only how often she writes to us, but also with the very short 3 week travel time for letters to reach us. Out of all of the projects we have experience with, Bisease Wesley in Ghana has been exceptional with the care and dedication they have in fostering relationships through letter-writing.

All this to say, I would absolutely love to have the precious connection with you of sponsoring children in the same project. Will you please take a look at some of these sweet children, friends of our darling Precious, and consider stepping up as their sponsor? (Click their names in red to be taken to their Compassion page.)

hannah Hannah

florence Florence ~ ((Now sponsored!!)

emanuella Emanuella

While I didn’t take screen shots of all of the children available from GH220, please take a minute to check out the others.

Derrick, George (whose packet we saw at the Tenth Avenue North show months ago!), Kenneth, Samuel and Isaac.

If you would like to share this post (or any other) on your Facebook or blog, please go ahead!

I would so love to have the precious connection with you, sponsoring children in the very same project!

((Editing to add: I am excited to hear that all of these children have been sponsored!))


JD said...

I have to agree on the sponsorships from Ghana, our experience with Ghana has been incredible too!!

Our Ato Sam is in GH316.

If we didn't already have 10, we'd sponsor one of these sweeties in a heartbeat!

faithlikemustard said...

Torture! You're torturing me, Michelle! LOL! I'm going to spread the word, though. Like you, I felt drawn to the kids who had been waiting for over 6 months.

Emily said...

Oh man. What beautiful, wonderful children.

I, too, will share the word. I would love to sponsor one of these kids, but not sure it's in the plan. I'll pray.

The Burgess family said...

I commented on your OC post about this too. I would totally love to do this.... at another point in time. I think it's a neat idea and if/when the time comes for us to consider another sponsorship, I WILL come back to this idea and see what God says!

kathy55439 said...

I also agree on the sponsorships from Ghana letters have come very quickly.... I have had 2 already and have only been writing my little guy a few months

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