Friday, January 7, 2011

A Gift of Encouragement…

In my last post, I shared a number of children in our Precious’ Compassion International project that are desperately seeking sponsors. They’ve all been waiting over 6 months.

I realized that one of the girls, beautiful little Florence, turns eight next Tuesday.

florence I cannot imagine a better gift for little Florence, than to be told by Compassion staff that she has been chosen. You know, in Africa, birthdays for most people aren’t celebrated like they are in the US. In many cases, it is just another day of trying to survive, trying to fill bellies, trying to stay healthy. But, you have the opportunity to make Florence's birthday one she will always remember. A day where she feels important, special, encouraged and chosen.

Just to give you a little more information on Florence, she lives with her grandmother who is only sometimes employed. The grandmother supports Florence and two other children. I wonder if Florence’s grandmother labors like Nyakaho's grandmother used to. Rough hands doing the treacherous work of pounding stones into gravel. The average income in the area where they live is about $10 a month. Let that sink in…. Ten dollars. A month.

I am asking you to look into your heart. Consider if you can find it in your budget to set aside less than $10 per week and sponsor this sweet girl. Oh, what a glorious birthday gift it would be!

Click this link to go to Florence’s Compassion page.

(((Editing to add: It looks like Florence was sponsored!! Whoohoo! Thank you, Robin!!!)))

There are also seven other children from Precious’ project that are still waiting for sponsors. You can see them here.


Kelly said...

I just clicked on her link and it says she has been sponsored! Praise God!

Robin said...

I have been frequently checking Compassion’s site lately, searching for a little girl either my daughter’s age (3) or one who has her birthday (something to give her young mind something to relate to).

Every time I went to the site, I ended up back on Florence’s picture. Then you blogged about the 7 year old girls from Ghana. She tugged at my heart. So, I pondered it over for a few days. When you posted about her again this morning, I knew God was telling me she needed us. So I clicked submit instantly!

I am so excited to send her the first package, celebrate her birthday, introduce her to our family, and get to know her. I already love her, she grabbed my heart, and I cannot wait to express that love to her and share Jesus Christ with her.

God was telling you to post about her, and I am so glad He did. Thank you.

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Gosh, hand me the tissues! I'm bawlin' like a baby! Thank you so much, Robin!!
God is so amazing, isn't he? Wow.

cincodemarko said...

Yay! God is so amazing isn't He? Oh and Michelle, our welcome packet for Yolanda cam in the mail today!


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