Friday, January 28, 2011

Bead Party!!

You may remember that I posted about BeadForLife in December.  (You can read that post here.) I just love this organization and the work they’re doing to help women in Uganda make a living by making beautiful beads and beaded jewelry, along with shea butter products.

Did I mention that their products are beautiful?


Well, I just found out that they have these great Bead Parties where WE can help spread the word and sell these wonderful hand-crafted products.  Many of the women who make the beads have been left as widows and struggled to merely survive when their husbands died.  Being able to make an income by rolling beads has been a life-saving and life-changing opportunity.  But, in order to make money, their product has to sell.  This is where the Bead Parties come in.

Check out this link to learn how you can get involved.  BeadForLife will send you, at no cost :

  • Approximately 275 jewelry items (more for larger BeadParties)
  • Shea Butter Soap and Peppermint Lip Balm
  • Our inspirational DVD about the beaders, BeadforLife and how to roll a bead
  • A CD “From the Heart of BeadforLife” with original Ugandan songs and music
  • Educational materials and biographies of some of the beaders
  • African recipes
  • A pre-paid return label (so you can return what you don’t sell free of charge),
  • And much more!

You can set up shop at your church, community center, neighborhood yard-sale, or any other place where people will be converging.  This would be a great event to have before Mother’s Day! Promote giving gifts that make a real difference!

BeadForLife is currently running a March Out Of Poverty Challenge and they’re hoping to get 500 Bead Parties registered before March 31st. You can sign up and plan your party for anytime throughout the year!

Because I would love to spread the word about this organization, I am going to give away a promotional code good for $20 at BeadForLife!

There are two ways to enter:

1. “Like” BeadForLife on Facebook (by clicking here) and/or follow them on Twitter (by going here).  Then, be sure to tell all of your FB or Twitter friends how awesome the company is and urge them to “like” or “follow” along with you! Come back and leave a comment telling me that you did both of those things!

2. Publish a blog post telling all of your readers about BeadForLife!  Come back and leave a comment and share the link to your post!

You may enter this drawing twice, through the social networking aspect and by posting a blog post.  I will put the names of all entrants into a big basket and have my Luna draw one name on Wednesday, February 2nd around noon EST.  Be sure to check back Wednesday afternoon to see if you’re the lucky winner!



Corina said...

Cool! I just "liked" them on FB. Didn't know they had a page or I would've already done that. Thanks for the info and the give-a-way! : )

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Awesome! Make sure you also tell your friends and urge them to "like" them as well!

Alia Macrina Heise said...

K- I am entering this one :) I liked them over on FB! And if you hosted a party I would so be there Michelle!

Jessica said...

I liked and shared them on fb. :)

Amy said...

Thank you Michelle for your support. And thanks to all of your followers for Liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. We very much appreciate the support.

Best, Amy
Communications Manager at BeadforLife

Annabanana said...

Hey Michelle! I just 'liked' Bead for Life, too. I went to a party last year, and then had my middle school students do the BFL curriculum. We made our own beads for Mother's Day gifts, and they included some BFL beads I had from the party in their work. We still sing the BFL song! LOVE BFL!!!!!!!!!!!! (and hope I win the prize)

Christi said...

Liked and shared on FB.
Following on Twitter.

Lorna and Rich said...

Hi Michelle, My husband and I moved to Uganda four months ago to work for BeadforLife. Rich works in finance and I volunteer. If not for people like you, BeadforLife couldn't do the wonderful work that they do. I have seen first hand what the beads have done for the women, children, and even men here. It is just amazing. My heart swells every Tuesday and Thursday when I help with the bead sales and get to see the women selling their beads. Ugandans are wonderful people with big hearts and have made us feel most welcome. Thank you so much for your support and to everyone else who supports BeadforLife.

Double Hugs,
Lorna Yoder

Christi said...

I posted on my blog (flat out copied you because I'm so tired I can't put together a sentence)

Lana said...

Beautiful! I'll have to check them out!

Teresa said...

Hi Michelle! I've seend you post abour your blog on OC and now I am one of the stalkers on here. LOL I don't usually leave comments, but I love reading your posts.

This was enough to prompt me to comment though. :) I liked them on FB and also put a post on my FB page about them. I love their stuff! And of course, it's such a great thing they do for the ladies in Uganda.

Blessings to you and your family!

The Burgess family said...

I "liked" and "shared" on FB!!

chipsndip4ever said...

Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for this info.. I'm going to check them out and order some lip balm for sure! We just sponsored our first child from Uganda, so this is especially dear to my heart. Thanks again! Tressia

Teena said...

Hi, Michelle! I love BFL. My dil Amber bought me one of these bracelets.... I just love it. I call it my Jamira bracelet b/c our sponsored child (World Help) lives in Uganda. They help us remember her. She was on the children of the world international choir team this past year and we met her. She would say to me "Auntie Teena, I going to see you again?"

The bracelets are beautiful. I love their stuff. I didn't know all that about a party! So you just send back what you do not sell... interesting!

oh and I "liked" it on fb :)


Teresa said...

That is the link to my blog where I put info about BFL this morning. I hope it will prompt my friends to make a purchase! :)

steph said...

Like like like!!! And am in the process of getting my friends to like too. Plan to order some birthday gifts this week from there! Can't wait because it will really be the perfect gift for my cousin and maybe a little something for me too. :O)

Kelly said...

I just liked and shared about them on facebook. Thanks for the chance to win! I plan to order from them sometime for gifts for the women in my family! :)

ronda said...

Ronda Slawinski via BeadforLife

Handmade bead jewelry, beaded jewelry, handcrafted beads, paper beads
Bead jewelry - Ugandan Women making handmade bead jewelry to build a better future for themselves and their families.
7 minutes ago · · Like · Comment · Share

just added.
got onto this blog
OH MY now I cry every time I look at Eliud Otieno Such a Godly young man

kathy55439 said...

I liked" and "shared" on FB!!

intel said...

The 50lbs of Shea Butter I purchased was beautiful. My costumers love the product I have created with the beautiful shea butter. I couldn't believe how fast it arrived, I honestly hadn't planned on getting it that soon

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