Monday, January 3, 2011

Back on Track

Since mid-November, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has done a real number on our routine. In many ways, I feel like I have been de-railed.  On this first Monday after New Years, the unofficial caboose of the holiday season, I am feeling an inner urgency to get back on track.

First, it is necessary to purge and re-vamp my household binder, which I originally posted about here. 

The binder is extremely helpful in keeping my naturally unorganized self a little more organized.  I keep monthly calendar pages, chore charts, and any info for our weekly activities such as homeschool co-op, Story of the World history class, Sunday School and so on.  I also keep my current Compassion International advocates info in there as well.  The binder sits on my counter next to my laptop and is easily accessed as needed.

I had never printed off calendar pages past December, so that was my first task. Previously, I had used the free pages offered at Organized Home.  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to keep up with the demands of color printer ink.  I will shell out the $25 bucks for a cartridge and then it seems to run dry within a week or two max.  So, I had to get creative and make my own calendar pages with Open Office in plain old black ink.  Ahhh, it felt so good to write in our obligations and get rid of the little pieces of scrap paper with events and whatnot written on them. I was especially excited to write in the upcoming Compassion events I am working.  Later this month, I will work a Compassion table while Shaun Groves speaks? sings? at Houghton College. (Please, Lord, keep me from stuttering on like a dork when I meet him for the second time!) Next month, Jay and I will work a table during a Denver and the Mile High Orchestra show!

With the household binder back into some semblance of functionality and order, I can get back to using our chore charts.  Yes, *I* have one along with my daughters.  Mine is split into daily, weekly and monthly chores while my girls have certain things I expect them to do daily. When we all stick with our lists, things run a whole lot smoother and we have a LOT less mess and clutter.

Another thing we’re getting back on track is our homeschooling.  We took the liberty of some very light weeks recently, but today I am making plans for some things I’d like to cover this month.  We’re getting back to memorization of Bible verses and poetry and back to our monthly Artist Studies. We’re going to make progress in the traditional subjects of math, science, language and so on, instead of just coasting.

I also hope that we get back to our nightly Bible reading as a family.  Over the last few weeks, we’ve slipped from 5-6 nights a week to 2-3.  I hate that the special time slips so easily to the wayside, but with a lot of evening activities and overly tired girls (ok, and parents), we’ve slacked…

It feels good to have some plans and some structure back.  Do you feel like getting back on track with anything?  If so, what?


faithlikemustard said...

I feel like I need to get back on track for EVERYTHING. Seriously, Case in point:The Husband couldn't even find a shirt to wear this morning. Sad but true. But on a high note, I finally got the Christmas decorations taken down! ;)

Jessica said...

The New Year just MAKES you want to dust away the cobwebs of your house, brain, and binder. :)

FairyLover said...

Ii envy people who are organized. I'm not very. I do like to make lists. That keeps me a bit on target.

Kathi Still trying to figure out science for my 3rd grader.

Kelly said...

I LOVE the holiday weeks, but it is always a kind of relief to get back to "normal" routine. My oldest son is in college now, so it means sending him back to school, too. I don't like that part, but he is a routine kid like his mom, so he was ready. I'm working on organizing my house, setting up a master calendar for birthdays, etc, and trying to work out my personal daily schedule to fit in working out, personal devotions time, and all the school things that come up for my other two kids. Challenging!!

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