Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday’s This & That Post

Outside of my window…  we have a fresh dusting of snow on everything, just barely 1/4 of an inch.  I wish we had more!  We love sledding and playing outdoors in it, but it isn’t much fun when there’s just a dusting on top of the grass.  I’d much prefer a foot or two!

Around the house… my girls are watching an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy while our dogs play and wrestle around in front of the woodstove.  Last night I wrapped up the board games I bought at Family Gifts along with the Dollar Store goodies for the girls.  I am so thankful to have kids that can understand and appreciate our intention to give to others this Christmas and stick with just a couple of small gifts beneath the tree.

Our plan for the day… is to run to town later for a trip to the library and to hit the store for a couple of necessities to get us through the weekend. We plan to make some gingerbread cookies this afternoon and do some watercolor painting.

I am praying for… Nico and her Mother.  I really hope that we are able to see Nico for Christmas. I pray that God will iron out the communication between us and Nico’s Mom.

I am thankful for…  a helpful and faithful husband.  Last night, he helped a young lady out when her car was stuck in a snowy ditch.  She thanked him and he told her that he hoped someone would do the same for his wife. She said, “Well, I’m nobody’s wife.  Do you want to come back to my apartment?”  I am praying that the young lady learns to respect people’s marriages and also that she doesn’t need to give herself away so easily.

Some Compassion tidbits:  Did you know that your Compassion International account will tell you which months are considered Hunger Months for the area where your child lives?  Log in to your account, click Child Information and scroll down until you see it.  I would urge you to keep track of those Hunger Months for your child and consider sending a financial Family Gift 2-3 months before. Yes, Compassion does provide a meal to your sponsored child when they come to the project, but your Family Gift can purchase supplimentary food for the family to help them get through those especially lean days.

We were very excited to receive our first letter from Alice in Kenya recently!

alice1The form letter format had spaces for her to tell us the names and ages of her family members, the name of her best friend and that she lives in a village.  We learned that her best game is dodge ball, her best food is rice/kamande, her best color is green, her best school subject is math, her best Bible story is Adam and Eve and her best song is Jesus Loves Me. Awwww!  We also learned that she wants to grow up to be a teacher.  I just love letters from our kids!


Jessica said...

Oooh, I <3 this Compassion tidbit! Thank you!

P.S. Merry Christmas! :D

Jessica said...

I went to my account to learn more about my children's "Hunger Months". For one of my girls it was January and May. For two of my girls it was June and July. For my little correspondent Luan, it listed all 12 months! How sad!

Jessica said...

P.P.S. Completely motivated by this post, I sent my Ana in Columbia a small family gift because of January being a "hunger" month.

I've sent birthday gifts before, but never a family gift. So give yourself another advocate pat on the back!

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Oh that is awesome, Jessica!!
We actually decided that we're not doing the Gifts of Compassion this Christmas. A recent letter from Johan told us that they're having some problems with their cultivation due to rain, or maybe lack of? We decided to do a Family Gift for them. If their crops aren't harvested, they won't be eating.
I do thing the Gifts of Compassion are a great option, however, we felt like we needed to make sure our Johan and his family have food.

Jessica said...

When I first saw the Gifts of Compassion, I was kind of bummed that you couldn't send the gifts to your individual children. Maybe I wanna send my Kakra a chicken or a toilet stall! Lol.

Bev Sykes said...

I checked "child information" and also "country information" on my kids and didn't see anywhere a mention of hunger months.

Bev Sykes said...

Oops. Nevermind. I found it under community information.

faithlikemustard said...

The story about the girl in the ditch made me feel so sad. You've gotta wonder what she's been through in this life. :(

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