Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday’s This & That Post

Outside of the window… sun is reflecting off of the snow. The chickadees and juncos are busy at the bird feeder and the temps are finally out of the teens.

Around the house… Kaya and Luna are making Christmas cards for the seniors we are going to visit this afternoon. They are a-buzz with excitement because Kaya just won a contest on the radio and they just played her voice on air. She won a VeggieTales DVD and is just thrilled.

I am thinking of… Nico and wondering if we will be seeing her this weekend. Last weekend, she was going to visit but her Mom texted Jay a couple of hours before the visit was supposed to happen with, “Sorry, Nico will not be coming this weekend.” I spent about 20 minutes, hot with anger. Then a sense of peace washed over me. I am so thankful for that peace and the ability go on with a weekend with our family. It ended up being a wonderful one.

I am praying for… Nico, along with her Mom and Mom’s boyfriend. Marriages of our friends and church family. The homeless in our area, especially with this bitter cold. The elderly in their assisted living homes, especially those who do not have visits from family.

I am looking forward to…an opportunity to “pay it forward”. We were blessed with some help in October when we really needed it. I am looking for a chance to bless someone else.

Recent Compassion letters… An excerpt from a letter from Precious in Ghana:

She wants you to tell her the preparation that you have for this Christmas. She also wants you to tell her about the plans you have for your children. She says that she prays for peace to you and your family. She says that she wants you to pray for her parents to obey God and any person. Memory verse: First of all, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world. Romans 1:8”

Excerpt from Johan in East India:

Warm greetings to you in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. By God’s grace your your prayers I am doing well. I also wish to hear the same with you.

I received your letters so I felt very happy. My study is going on well. Do you like playing football? We play mostly football here. We have a match with other groups. In our family there is no peace so kindly pray for peace among us. Your son, Johan”

The part about “no peace” goes right to my heart. Precious has also alluded to some stress in her family, so our prayers are absolutely with the households.

Some photos from the last week:

HPIM3433 We had our Tree Hugger cards revoked a couple of years ago when we started the annual slaughter of a Christmas tree.

HPIM3436 An unintentional light show from taking the photo without a flash.

HPIM3439 Luna put on the home-made tree topper.

HPIM3440 Our little Luna Blue Who looks like she could be straight out of Who-Ville.


Jessica said...

I <3 Luna-Who!

faithlikemustard said...

I love reading bits and pieces of your Compassion letters. It's great to get an overview of how Compassion is working all over the world!

Kate McKinley said...

Sweet pictures! I love reading your Thursday posts! Merry Christmas.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Beautiful picture! Luna looks so much like a little elf. <3



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