Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Revamping our Letter Writing Schedule

As we enter the month of December, I have decided to revamp our process of writing letters to all 8 of  the Compassion International kids in our family.  In the past, I would sit down twice a month and write to all of our children on the same day.  Now that our family has grown to eight children, I worried that the monumental task of writing eight letters in one day would keep me from sending out packages twice a month.   This month, I am going to try to do it a little differently.

This morning, I pulled out a pack of colorful printer paper with balloons and cheerful stripes.  I copied the Compassion stationary onto it. (For the 6 children we’ve already heard from, I just copy the paper that Compassion sends with their letters. For our two newest girls, I use the printable stationary that can be found here. ) My plan is to write to four of our children every week and mail the big manilla envelope with 8 letters and goodies out every other week. With the stationary for each child already printed and stored in my Household Binder that always sits on my counter next to the laptop, I will be able to easily sit and write a letter as time allows.

If you are curious about our letter writing process, feel free to check out the links listed under Most Popular Posts in the right-hand sidebar.

If you are looking for something neat to send with your next letter, check out Father's Love Letter. 

From the website:

What is Father's Love Letter?
Father's Love Letter is a compilation of Bible verses from both the Old & New Testaments that are presented in the form of a love letter from God to you.
Each line in the Father's Love Letter message is paraphrased, which means we have taken each Scripture's overall message and summarized it as a single phrase to best express it's meaning.

The link above has this Love Letter available in printable for in 93 different languages. It would be a GREAT addition to your next letter to your child!


Jessica said...

It's time for me to write a couple of letters again. :) The part I'm lack on is actually getting them in the mail! I'll write them and package them up and then they'll sit there in the envelope unmoving. Woops.

Acolyte said...

wow. 8 letters in a day would be a monumental task. i so admire your dedication and commitment in writing to your kids. letter writing isn't an easy task. great idea on getting it done though :D i love your idea of copying the Compassion stationery onto fun paper. i never have used it (other than the ones that come with their letters) because i always thought it was a little boring. now i have a new idea! Thanks :D

~ Acolyte

Judy said...

I try to do up a package with letters and stickers and any other goodies once a month (at the beginning of the month.) Then, halfway through the month, I write a short email to each of the kids via the Compassion web site. I find not having to package things up twice a month leaves me more willing to do it when the time comes at the beginning of the month. And the emails make it so I don't have to go to the dreaded post office, especially this time of year. ;)

Thanks for all of your letter writing tips. It's been making my writing SO much easier!

Amy D said...

I do it the same way that Judy does. Write a letter, mail a package once a month. Then I write an email and send it out once a month. Or, instead of a letter or email, I will just send a card. I will have to take a picture and post one of the cards I made on my blog. It's really cute. :-)

faithlikemustard said...

Michelle--your link to the stationary isn't working. Great idea on the Father's Love Letter! Filing that one away for later...

Question: I know that emails usually arrive up to two weeks earlier than snail mail. I wonder if it's possible that an email could get there before a package that's mailed much earlier? I'm just wondering because I wouldn't want the kid to get something out of sequence if I had referenced something that I had previously written, KWIM?

Jen said...

Before a couple of months ago I didn't know you could be a letter writer to Compassion Children like you are doing. It has been on my heart for awhile now and this post is again another sign I've gotten this week that I am missing the opportunity God is giving for me to bless another person. Thanks for being a vessel He uses to get to me when I'm being so blind!

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Thanks for the heads-up, I will fix that link!
Jessica, I love your newest letter writing post! I really should take more pics as I go through my process, it really does help!
Acolyte, our nearby Dollar Tree stores have a big seleaction of colorful printer paper, so I have quite a collection. I think it makes the letters more fun!
Judy, I like your method! I may eventually switch to that method if I start to feel overwhelmed with letter writing. For now, I send emails as replies to the letters we receive.
Amy, I can't wait to see your card! :D
Jen,God has a way of getting messages to us when we need them, doesn't He? ;)

Renee said...

Oh, thank you so much for that link! I always find plenty of Spanish things for our South American kids, but that link even has the letter in Amharic so I can send it to our girlie in Ethiopia!!

Briana said...

Thanks for the link! I'm getting ready to write my first letter and would love to include Bible verses in the child's language!

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