Monday, December 27, 2010

Putting Out an S.O.S.

Today, we received a call from Compassion International.  One of the calls that a correspondent dreads…  The financial sponsor for Yolanda in Guatemala has dropped the sponsorship.  In this case, Compassion would allow us to pick up her sponsorship or have her transferred to a friend or family member.  At this point in time, I don’t feel that we can financially take on another sponsorship, so I am reaching out to my readers.

Look at this beautiful girl….

YolandaFace ….and then look into your heart and see if you could take over her sponsorship. I would be happy to send copies of the letters she’s sent us, so you have some connection with her as you take on this relationship with her.  (Or, we would be happy to continue writing to her twice a month if you could financially back the sponsorship but don’t desire to write.) Please leave a comment or email me at 3girlsmama at gmail dot com if you could take on the sponsorship of this lovely girl.


cincodemarko said...

Oh Meeshi, you have taken my breath away. We have been talking about sponsoring a child and I was just this morning looking through the kids listed in Central America. Our hearts are pulled to Guatemala for mission work through our church so I was specifically looking and praying for a child there. I will need to confirm this with my husband but if I can possibly wait until Friday, we can probably become her sponsor.


kathy55439 said...

God is so Great to answer our prayers

JD said...

Praying that Anji will be able to connect with you to sponsor this sweet little girl... what a great answer to prayer, what a beautiful beginning to sponsorship!!

Linda said...

She is so beautiful! I have a correspondent boy in Guatemala, and if I weren't already strapped I'd be tempted to help you out. But I'm so glad to see that another friend is (HOPEFULLY!) going to be able to do so!!! I will pray that it works out for them!! Please update us on Facebook or OC and let us know. What a "God-thing" that would be!!!

faithlikemustard said...

That would be a GREAT God-thing!! :)

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Anji, I'll email you a few more details and call Compassion later today to see how long she can be "on hold". I've got goosebumps over this. That would be amazing if it works out!

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