Tuesday, December 14, 2010

”I Love Christmas! Praise the Lord!”

So, yesterday Luna came up to me with a piece of paper.  She had written several lines of scribbly letters and she said, “I wrote a story, Mama. Want to hear it?”  The first version she read went on and on about choosing a Christmas tree, wanting to get a tiny one for Scruffy, Daddy picking the perfect tree. Then she read a couple of other versions.  By the time I thought to grab the camera to record her story, she had condensed it quite a bit.  Still, a cute little tale from my not-such-a-baby girl.

I will have to add subtitles because ever since I dropped my camera and it tumbled down into a gully, the sound recording hasn’t been great.

“Since we hadn't got a tree, we got a tree. Then I put on the star. 'Halleluia," I said. So, I went to go put on the star and then I said, 'I love Christmas! Praise the Lord!' "

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