Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Giveaway!

As a Christmas gift to my wonderful readers, I am going to give away five, yes FIVE copies of the children’s book, A Country Far Away!!

This is a simple book with a great concept that illustrates the differences between day to day life in a small village in Africa vs. life in an American suburb.

There will be two different ways to win!

How to enter:

If you sponsor through Compassion International, leave a comment telling me about a lesson you’ve learned through sponsoring a child through Compassion International. This coming Tuesday morning, I will put the names of every entrant on a slip of paper and Kaya and Luna will each draw one winner.

If you do not sponsor through Compassion International, click one of the orangeish red links in this post (that say “Compassion International”), sponsor a child and come back to tell that you’ve done so and share a little about the child. The first THREE people who sponsor a child through my link and comment to tell me will win a copy of this book! (As a side note, the orangeish red links that say Compassion International in my posts are my own personal referral links. I don’t get anything for referring people to Compassion except a little bit of recognition that I am doing my job as an Advocate, I’d love it, if you decide to sponsor a child, if you would do so by going to the website through my link!)

Contest Details: Due to shipping costs, winners must live in the United States. The drawing for current sponsors will be around 9:00am Tuesday, December 14th! I will announce winners shortly after!

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Corina said...

I'd love a chance to win! You've talked about this book several times and our Library doesn't carry it. We sponsor a girl from Kenya, so I think my boys would really enjoy it! What I've learned? I've learned that I can love someone half a world away. I so look forward to her letters and love to pray for her. Her dream is to be a doctor!

Emily said...

I've been super curious about the book, too - exciting! I sponsor Ezra, from Indonesia... And lately I've learned how important it is to BUILD A RELATIONSHIP instead of just sending money. Joining the second Friday letter writing group has changed my life - and I'm SO thankful for that!

Jessica said...

<3 this book. :)

Laura said...

I would love this book to read with my sons. We sponsor two children through Compassion. We just got our first letter from our little girl, Veronica, in Tanzania. We also sponsor Fernando from Honduras. Through sponsorship I have learned how small our little planet really is and how blessed we are here in America. Thanks for all your great posts about Compassion. They really inspire me.

Robin said...

We already sponsor a child and one thing we learned recently is that we sooo need to appreciate everything we have. We held a yard sale and gave all of the proceeds to our child, and we received a note back that he got a new bed with the money...up until that point he had a mat. We are so happy for him, and wish we could just go scoop him up and give him all of the things that could make him more comfortable. We are really blessed to live as comfortably as we do.

Would love to win the book! :)

Happy holidays.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Michelle for another wondeful giveaway and opportunity for us to brag about Compassion and our kids :)

One of the many things I've learned through being a sponsor is that giving up things like movies, gym memberships, and pedicures are more than worth investing in the lives of these children.

One of my kids is almost ready to graduate college, and the program, and it is amazing to see the woman of integrity and grace that Compassion has helped her become.

Jessie said...

This book looks great! I sponsor 3 girls and have 8 correspondence kids. From sponsoring, I've learned that God will provide for us when we do as He asks! It truly is amazing to see :)

Briana said...

I'm learning how good it feels to give to others.

steph said...

Hi Michelle! I know you do not really know me but I wanted to let you know I just today recieved my correspondent pack for sweet little January who lives in the Phillipines. I had no idea you could even do this except through your blog and comments on the compassion blog. Thank you- I am so excited! We have sponsored Timothee for 3 years and two months ago added Ian as well. I think and especially lately it has really taught me to be intentional about our relationship and caused me everyday to think how I could change their day to make it better and just with the thought of that I have changed my own. Thanks so much for your faithfulness.
Oh and I was wondering the best way to start out writing as a correspondent= how do you help them understand that you are just the one writing the letters?

Carolyn F said...

This would be a great book to win! I sponsor two kids through Compassion, and am a correspondent to five more.

I have learned that writing is a gift to both me and my Compassion kids. They bring me so much peace and joy!

Teena said...

HI, Michelle! I won this book from your other give away. :) I told Maureen a Compassion LDP graduate about this book and she said she would love to receive one to read to the kids she teaches in the slum! :)

I think I will order it and send it to her. :)

Michelle, you have encouraged me so much. I thank you.

Today we received our first Correspondent child... she is from Ethiopia. We are so very excited. I do have some questions so I may email you. We hadn't looked at our account in a week or so and we were so excited when it came in the mail!!!


Teena said...

I was wondering the same thing as Steph (above) asked.

Also, I didn't even know about Correspondent children ... until I read here. THANK YOU.


lindsaydud said...

My husband and I have only been sponsoring Abigail for a few months, but I've learned - and been wonderfully surprised by - how quickly you can develop feelings for your sponsored child. We've only received two letters so far, but through praying for her and preparing packages and letters to send, we have developed such a sense of connection with this young life on the other side of the world.

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I just LOVE reading all of these answers! Makes my morning!
Steph, I will share what I was telling Teena through email. "I never use the word "sponsor" with our correspondent kids. I will say things like: "I am so glad we have the opportunity to write to you!" or "I praise the Lord that He put you in our life!" but I do not want to confuse the child about the difference between correspondent and sponsor. The people at the project do know the difference and I leave it to them to explain it to the child when they are old enough to grasp the idea."
Hope this helps!

Living in Taradise said...

oooo!!! I would love to win!!!

the first thing I learned as a Compassion Sponsor and something I learn with the addition of each new child is how much you can love a child that you have never seen, touched or talked to. I have only ever read the words that they want to share with me, but for my husband and I we have 5 children in different parts of the world that we call part of our family!

Carolyn Mayer said...

I live in Michigan and just sponsored a 5 year old girl, Maria Choque, from Bolivia yesterday. This is the first child that I have sponsored through Compassion International and I am looking forward to building a strong relationship with this girl.

Maria lives in the mountainous community of Alto Llojeta where typical houses are constructed of dirt floors, brick walls, and tile roof. She lives with her father and mother along with 2 other siblings. Maria is in kindergarten and loves playing with dolls and attending church activities. Outside of school she often helps the family by running errands.

It feels nice to give during this Christmas season. I had been researching various sponsorship opportunities but Compassion seemed like the best organizaion for me. As I was researching, I came across your blog and you have convienced me even more that I made the right decision. I would love to be in the running to win your book too. Thanks.

Familiar Little Frog said...

I sponsor Ritu in Bangladesh and Estefani in Nicaragua. Sponsoring with Compassion started me on an amazing journey... now we sponsor EIGHT kiddos through various organizations. I got to go on a mission trip to Burma to choose an orphanage for our church to sponsor; I've waxed poetic about sponsoring so much that friends have sponsored kids just to shut me up! Sponsoring is the best thing I've ever done (except maybe for giving birth to my daughters...)! It has changed who I am, in a very fundamental way.

Courtney said...

Would love to win this book! One of our sponsored children is from Ethiopia, and we are also adopting from Ethiopia. :) We've been sponsoring our girl Audry in Honduras for a couple of years now, and I've learned so much from her. The most surprising thing was how much alike we are, and how much we have in common, despite being from completely different parts of the world! Honestly, I think that the relationship we've developed with her is what made us feel comfortable with international adoption! So she has changed our lives in huge ways. :)

Mama G. said...

We sponsor 2 children in Honduras and correspond with 1 child in Indonesia. We have received so many blessings ourselves by sponsoring our children. We have learned so much about them, and how much alike we really are. It's amazing watching our children grow and learn and how their letters develop so much over time. It is such a joy to receive those letters in the mail - everything in our house stops so we can read them together.

Amy said...

I sponsor two little kiddos through Compassion, in Colombia and El Salvador. In the past several months God has shown me (though Compassion's website and this blog) how very critical our letters are to our sponsored children. I've committed to writing at least once every month but want to try writing twice a month as often as possible. Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful book. Love your blog, by the way, and all you're doing for Compassion.

steph said...

Thanks Michelle. That helps.

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