Monday, November 8, 2010

The Joy of Giving

Yesterday, after our church service, some families from our church got together to pack up shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. My friend Rachel headed up this project for our church and did a great job spreading the word, organizing donations and setting up the tables so that we could pack each box efficiently.

HPIM3318 Rachel set up our donations with sections for stuffed animals, flip flops, writing supplies and paper, books, hygiene, hair accessories and jewelry, toys and candy. She even placed a label in front of each group so that everyone would know how many of each item could go into a box.  The packing process went smoothly and we all had a great time!



HPIM3323  Our little Luna, who is generally very impulsive and spazzy, surprised me by taking great care in choosing the items for the boxes she packed. Though, I did have to explain to her a few times that these boxes were not for our sponsor children.  She insisted, as she packed her first box, that she was packing it for Precious. Eventually, she understood that we were packing for other children who lived in poor areas.


 HPIM3324 Kaya, who is turning 9 on Thursday and looks SO grown up to me in this picture, just loved packing up these boxes. She looks pretty serious here, but she really was grinning ear to ear for most of the afternoon.

HPIM3325 Luna and her little friend posed next to some of the finished boxes.  I am not sure what our final count was, but we had a huge stack of boxes by the time we were done!  It is such a blessing to be able to be a part of this amazing organization. I think it is awesome for our children to have the opportunity to help others and spread some love to those who need it. The joy of giving was palpable in the room as we packed up our shoe boxes. I hope that the children love receiving them as much as we loved packing.

On a related note, speaking of the joy of giving, the Lord has blessed us with another beautiful Compassion International correspondence child. We had already received the girl from Africa that we asked for, as we welcomed Kazihizina from Rwanda to our family a couple of weeks ago.  Somehow, the request must have been left in the system.  A God-inspired human error, I am sure. For some reason, I was drawn to log into our Compassion account last night and instantly saw that our list of correspondent children was longer than it was last time I checked.  Welcome to our family, Alice from Kenya!  Wait until you see the beautiful smile on her face! She is just precious!


faithlikemustard said...

Wow. That's some organization and a great idea for getting my Sunday School involved. I may try that next year. My daughters and I finished our shoe boxes this weekend. Waiting on the husband to finish his so we can drop them off next week!

Amy D said...

Omigosh, you are amazing. :-)

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Oh gosh, I'm not really amazing at all! lol That is nice of you, Miss Amy, but I'm really just little ol' me!
Megan, I thought Rachel's organizing made the process so smooth and enjoyable! We did run out of soap and toothbrushes, so we will have to buy some more to stick in there this week. I will keep my eyes open for deals on those and other items during the year so we can pack even MORE boxes next year!!

Emily said...

My small group is packing our box(es) on Tuesday. I'm excited - I love being able to give, and it's a reminder to me of how fortunate I am - when a little pen and cute notepaper will make some child SO happy... I have nothing to complain about.

Amy D said...

I feel the same way about myself. I am starting to think that there is no end to what God will do through you! :-)

Jen said...

What a great project! I hope that we can be more on the ball next year and help out with something like this. I am sure the lessons it teaches your children are priceless.

ronda said...

I love your blog. I've been packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for many years. I start gathering items right after I turn in this years boxes usually 10-12. I love doing them. But recently I've fallen in love with sponsoring and writing to my compassion kids. All I know about letter writing I learned from you!!! I like your idea of collages I went to the walgreen site but was too late for the coupon. So I made my own by importing photos into a Word doc. saved as pdf on my free office depot flash drive, took it to Office Depot and got very nice colorful pictures for only 20¢ each. You could get enough for all your kids for less that $2.00. Love you lots, Ronda

Sarah said...

Look at all those boxes! Congratulations on a successful OCC drive!

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