Friday, November 12, 2010


…sweet and smiley Alice from Kenya!

scan0001 Isn’t she just SO cute?  After a sort of tough day, I was happy to find the packet for this little sweetie in our mailbox.  Alice is the 8th and final member of our Compassion family, a correspondent child. That smile just makes my heart melt.

We also received a letter from Precious in Ghana today. She thanks us for our effort in trying to get her a mosquito net. (In late September, she told us that Malaria is a problem in her area. After consulting someone from Compassion, I let her know that she should tell the project director that Compassion has funds available for mosquito repelling nets.) She asked us if we have malaria in our area.  She also told us that she received her very own Bible from Compassion and it is helping her learn about how the world was created.  I am so glad that she has her own Bible.  She prays for us to love God and trust God and also to know how to find peace in the Lord through prayer.  Thank you, our beautiful girl.

Love these kids!


Acolyte said...

awwe congrats on another sponsor child :D she is so cute! i hope that Precious gets a mosquito net soon. that's an awesome programme that Compassion has going for areas affected by malaria.

Rebecca said...

I think Alice must be a blessing straight from Heaven... meant just for your family. What a sweet smile.

Amy D said...

I've been waiting to see this! <3 Beautiful!

I need to ask my kiddos if they have bibles. If not, I want to send money and ask Compassion to buy them one.

Jessica said...

Awwww, that IS a great smile. :)

I emailed Compassion last week to ask about correspondence children put haven't heard back, so maybe I should call. I just hate calling people. In this day and age, if I can't do it from my laptop, I just about don't do it! Which is terrible, I guess. :)

JD said...

I was really looking forward to seeing her photo -- she's gorgeous -- what a smile, what a great photo!!!

I love that you heard from Precious... will she be able to get a mosquito net? Love that she got a Bible. I was able to deliver a Spanish Bible to Bessy when I met her in July, I loved being able to do that for her.

Sarah said...

She's beautiful!

One of our sponsored children lives in Kenya.

I'm glad you heard from Precious - I hope she gets her mosquito net soon (if she hasn't already)

Emily said...

She's gorgeous!

That reminds me... I haven't written to Ezra today and it's the second Friday!!! I'm going to go do that RIGHT NOW. God bless email!! :)

Teena said...

Hi, Michelle. I love her pic! So awesome.

thanks again for the book. We love it.

I called Compassion last week about correspondent child.. and they said there is none at this time. :( How will they let me know? Or will I just receive it in the mail? I am excited and hope we do get one or two or even three! They did say they had my info.

I gain so much encouragement here.
Thank you.

To think my Mandi was in Kenya where your new little girl is from... God is great...


faithlikemustard said...

She is a cutie! Look at that smile!

Why is she your final one? I'm guessing it's the sheer work load of corresponding with 8 kiddos, but I was just curious.

Thanks for the book! We received it Friday and the girls read (and read it again!) as soon as we got it out of the mailbox! :)

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Hi everyone! I'm back online after a weekend without internet. Oh the horrors! ;) Anyway, she is so sweet and makes me smile every time I see her. I decided that she is our final child because of the time needed to write to them and also because of financial reasons. While we don't financially support our correspondence children, I do like to send little goodies. Last week, I passed on buying these cool collapsible boxes because I didn't have enough to buy for all 8. If I had just a few kids, I would have bought them to decorate and send. (I still plan to go back and get some when I have enough cash on hand, though.)

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