Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Giveaway!

I had a little brainstorm while driving home today.  I would like to have a giveaway! I am going to give away five, yes FIVE copies of the children’s book, A Country Far Away.

This is a simple book with a great concept that illustrates the differences between day to day life in a small village in Africa vs. life in an American suburb.

There will be two different ways to win!

How to enter:

If you sponsor through Compassion International, leave a comment telling me how long you’ve been a sponsor and a little about your sponsor child(ren).  This coming Sunday afternoon, I will put the names of every entrant  on a slip of paper and Kaya and Luna will each draw one winner.

If you do not sponsor through Compassion International, click one of the orangeish red links in this post (that say “Compassion International”), sponsor a child and come back to tell that you’ve done so and share a little about the child.  The first THREE people who sponsor a child through my link and comment to tell me will win a copy of this book!

Contest Details: Due to shipping costs, winners must live in the United States. The drawing for current sponsors will be around 2:00pm EST on Sunday, November 7th. I will announce winners Sunday evening!


Soul Writer said...

I sponsor a 10-year-old Guatemalan girl named Consuelo! She likes drawing and basketball, and she loves to play with stuffed animals. I've been sponsoring her for almost a year now. I am so thankful to Compassion for bringing this little girl into my life!

Jessica said...

I have been sponsoring nearly 16 year old Ana for a little more than a year now. She lives in Columbia, and struggles a little bit in school, but is encouraged when I tell her that I struggle a little bit in my studies, too.

And just a few months ago I also began to sponsor Shila who is 19. She lives in India, and I don't know a lot about her yet, because I haven't corresponded with her very much yet. I know that she asked me to pray for her mother's health in a recent letter. :)

Amy D said...

I sponsor 8 year old Maxwell from Kenya and 11 year old Yuri from Guatemala. Maxwell likes soccer, Yuri likes running and bicycling. To us, it is very exciting that Maxwell shares a birthDAY and YEAR with our son Jack and Yuri is one year old, but born on the same day as our daughter, Taylor.

Chenning said...

We sponsor an 11 year old boy in the Philippines named Christian Paul Arana. We have been sponsoring him for the last 6 years. He has a lot of brothers and sisters, and wears glasses. He helps around the home and is always grateful for the letters and gifts. He always says that he keeps us all in his prayers :-).

lindsaydud said...

My husband and I just started sponsoring a child at the end of last month. Abigail lives in Ghana and is 8 years old (I'm anxiously awaiting our first letter from her)! I started reading your blog shortly after we began sponsorship, and I've gotten some great tips - thanks! :)

faithlikemustard said...

My little Happyness lives in Tanzania and our family just became sponsors this month! Happyness lives with her mother & sibling--they lost their father to death and I can't help but wonder if AIDS took his life since they live in an high HIV/AIDs region. I am already so pleased to see how this is positively affecting my own children's lives by thinking beyond themselves. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway--we'd love to read it especially since our Happyness is from Africa.

JD said...

LOVE Compassion International, and I've always loved your book suggestions.

We have been Compassion sponsors since May of 2005.

We sponsor Bessy and Justin in Honduras, and we met both on a trip to Honduras in Jun-Jul of 2010. Bessy is 8, and the Compassion program eliminated gang problems in her entire village. Justin lives in an urban slum, in a 10x10 home with 6 other children and 5 adults. His situation was desperate, I'm so relieved to see him taking part in the Compassion program.

Lizbeth lives in Bolivia with her twin sister and her parents. She's five, and absolutely adorable.

Suwanna lives in a village in Thailand, she has a younger sister and an older brother. She's delightful. In a recent letter, she told me when she receives a letter from us, "I have a smiling face always!"

We have three children from Africa. Novet is 13 and she is from Uganda. Noah is 9 and he is from Kenya. Ato Sam is from Ghana, he's 10, and he writes delightful letters, pages, handwritten, just pouring his personality and heart onto that paper in such a beautiful way.

We also have two Compassion Correspondence kids, Caleb is from Ecuador, and Leo is from Indonesia.

Working toward a trip to Africa in 2011, praying I can meet at least one of our Compassion children while on that trip.

Love reading about everyone else's Compassion kids, and I pray many more get sponsored, Michelle!

(I have a U.S. mailing address.)

Jill Foley said...

We sponsor / correspond with the following beautiful children....We've been sponsors for 17 years.

Dominic - Kenya - We've had Dominic for 11 years now - the longest of all our children. He just turned 21! I always said if I had a little boy, I would name him Domnick (my mom's maiden name). I was beyond thrilled to get Dominic's packet in the mail from Compassion. I had just requested a child from Kenya, and smiled when I saw his name. I never did have my own little boy, but I do have my Dominic!

Bulu - India - Bulu is having a rough time right now with behavioral issues. He is 17 and I think is getting a lot of pressure from non-Compassion peers at school to act out.

Suresh - India - At 16 years old, Suresh is turning into a fine young man!

Ayon - East India - Ayon is a 11 and we get so many letters from him!

Hondy - Dominican Republic - Hondy is 12 and since we've been corresponding with him, he had a baby brother die. It was heartbreaking.

Luis - El Salvador - Luis is a fairly new child of ours so I don't know much about him yet. He will be 14 next month

Portia - Ghana - My birthday buddy! She is 11 and writes to us more than any of our other children.

Mekdes - Ethiopia - She started out as a correspondent child, but when her sponsor stopped sending in the monthly support, we officially became her sponsors. She is 19 and is currently looking for a job.

Rubi - India - Rubi is 14 and writes the best letters and draws beautiful, colorful pictures! I love getting her letters

Lian - Colombia - Lian is our youngest daughter's birthday buddy, although they were born in different years. She is 6 and Kayleigh (my youngest) refers to her as "my Compassion child".

Yoselin - Dominican Republic - Our oldest daughter's birthday buddy - same day, same year!

Jill Foley said...

continued from above....

Orm - Thailand - Orm is 7 and is fairly new to us. We heard about the sex-trafficking in Thailand and were moved to sponsor a little girl there. When I went to Compassion's website to see if I could find a little girl from Thailand, Orm's picture was the very first one showing!

Cristine - Philippines - We've had Cristine for many years. She has a birthday close to mine. Her father abandoned the family several years ago and we've been praying for his return. I just received a letter from Cristine, reporting that he had come back!

Josseling - Nicaragua - Josseling is 13 and has changed from a beautiful little girl into a stunning young lady! She draws us the best pictures.

Nowanda - Indonesia - Wanda has recently moved and no longer attends Compassion's program. I'm in denial because we had her for 7 years and had a great relationship with her. This month she turns 13 and I'm praying for her every day!

Jazmin - Peru - I connected with Jazmin as a correspondent child just a month before my trip to Peru. Although she had not yet received any of my letters, she traveled 22 hours to meet me! She is 10 years old and holds a very special place in my heart.

Emanuel - Peru - I had the incredible opportunity of meeting ALL of Emanuel's family. I was explaining that I would be looking for a sponsor for him when God nudged ME to be that sponsor. It was a great way to begin the sponsorship relationship.

Bildad - Haiti - LDP We decided to sponsor an LDP student in Haiti when my husband signed up to go on a mission trip to Haiti. We called Compassion on Friday and agreed to sponsor Bildad...on Monday the earthquake hit. We were thankful to learn that Bildad was safe. We have received one letter from her. My husband's trip to Haiti was actually supposed to happen TODAY... but there is a hurricane headed toward Haiti, so it's been postponed until Saturday. He won't get to meet Bildad, though, because there is still a ban on all Compassion visits.

David - Peru - LDP I began corresponding with David shortly before my trip to Peru. He is a third year LDP student and had NEVER received a letter! I am so thankful God connected us. He is a remarkable young man and it was an honor to meet him and his mother.

I think that's all....I'm a little addicted to God's call to reach out to the poor!

I already have the book, so you don't need to enter my name in the drawing. Thank you for asking about our children!

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I am just LOVING reading about all of these kids! :D Thanks for participating!

Robin said...

We sponsor a 7 year old boy, Viakeshwar, from India. He has a younger sibling and lives with both of his parents. We recently held a yard sale to raise extra money to send to him, and I received a note back that he got a bed! He was sleeping on a mat, so we are just thrilled that he now has a bed. :)

The book looks awesome, what a wonderful giveaway! I would love to share that book with my kids. :)

Laura said...

Hi! I love your blog. I found you when you commented on my blog regarding a feature I did on Compassion. Our family sponsors a boy from Honduras, Fernando. We have sponsored him for just over a year. AND, we just started sponsoring a girl from Tanzania, Veronica. I am so excited to start corresponding with her. Your posts about writing to the children have really been an inspiration to me. Thanks for all your great ideas.

mandey384 said...

I'm a sponsor of five kids ages 5 through almost 16 and a correspondence sponsor of five kids ages 9 to 15. See my blog for details on all ten of my wonderful/amazing kids! I love reading your ideas and tips on what to write and have copied you a few times!

Sue Austin said...

I signed up on October 26 2010 and sponsor a 7 year old boy from India named Kartik. I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful program. This is my first time to sponsor. I have sent my packet in and one email letter and one snail mail letter with a post card of our state and a sheet of stickers. I was just able to meet the deadline for the Christmas gift. Google has a translator so I was able to hear how to pronounce his first and last name. I thank you for this blog!! so much great information here! It helped me with my letters. God Bless you.

Rebecca said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

I have been a sponsor through Compassion for a little over 6 years now, and currently have 4 kiddos:

Lorkems is the first child I began sponsoring...he is from Haiti and he just turned 14 years old (wow, that makes me feel old). I see lots of amazing leadership skills in Lorkems, and love watching him grow.

My second child is Dilsili, and she is my oldest. She is 19 and just started her 2nd year of university in India. She is studying engineering, and my time of being her sponsor will soon come to an end :( I was able to meet her last year, and it was the most wonderful experience. She has grown into a wonderful woman of God!

My third is Elahi. He is my Bangladesh son, and he writes me every opportunity he has (usually every 2 weeks on the dot :) He is from a Muslim home, so I am praying that the Compassion project/church may be a real example of Jesus to his family.

My last is Ruth, who I have only known a matter of months. She is from Uganda and is 18. She is a correspondent child, so she was assigned to me, but we have so much in common. From our favorite subjects, to her wanting to be a teacher (I am), to both of our dads being beekeepers, we were meant to be!

The Burgess family said...

Neat idea for a giveaway! My kids would LOVE that book!

We sponsor 10 year old Gissel (for 15 months now) in Colombia, 7 year old William (8 months ago) in Kenya, and 9 year old Moli (2.5 months now) in India, as well as correspond with 2 kids, both aged 9, Kidist in Ethiopia and Jeyavel in India.

Tabitha said...


I am so enjoying reading your blog tonight! And thank you for doing the giveaway. My family has been sponsoring Adela from Guatemala for 4 years. Adela is 9 shares the same month/date birthday as my oldest daughter. Adela is lucky to have both her parents alive who are farmers. She really likes to play soccer and hear stories from Genesis.

Corina said...

Your blog is such an encouragement to me to really connect with our sponsored child. Brenda is from Kenya and I chose her because she's a GIRL (I only have boys) and I loved her smile. We've sponsored her for 2+ years now. Her English and writing skills have improved SO much. I just love it when she says she's praying for us. I also like to hear about what Scripture she is learning.
Thanks for the opportunity to win the book - I think my guys would really like it!

ronda said...

We started last year at Christmas time when our church started putting the emphasis on others instead of ourselves. Gloria is in Uganda she got a sheep with her birthday money. We have so much in common. And last month we got Jeremie in Burkina Faso. Everything I know about letter writing I learned form your blog, Thank you Michelle you are awesome. I love your pictures and info.

momijitomitsukoshi said...

It's so heartwarming to read that all these children have been given opportunities they so desperately need.
I'm in Australia, so I know I don't qualify for the giveaway, but I wanted to add our children to this blessed list.
We have Veronica in the Dominican Republic. I sponsored her after reading Compassion Bloggers when they there (Malborough Man) and we have John in Kenya - again Compassion Bloggers. All of them broke my heart for these children.
Veronica's first letter to me included outlines of her feet and hands, all coloured in brown. I cried and cried because her little feet had actually been on that piece of paper. I almost felt like I could reach out and touch her! God bless her!
John is my husband's boy. He loves playing soccer and he is 10 years old. I loved him the first time I saw him.
We pray for them each day, that they will know the love of Christ, always.

Renee said...

Oh, what a great giveaway!

We sponsor three kids through Compassion:

Nancy is 10, and lives in Colombia. She was 5 when we began sponsoring her.

Jefferson is 5 and lives in Peru, he was 4 when we began sponsoring him.

Bruno is 11 and lives in Guatemala, we just began sponsoring him this fall, on his birthday!

compassiondave said...

We've been sponsoring for over 10 years and as of today we sponsor 4 children and 1 LDP student in Indonesia.

Teena said...

Oh wow, I am enjoying these comments as well! We live in rural Ga and not many understand our love for Compassion or orphans....
Thank you!

Our sponsored little boy is from Indonesia and his name is Ucok. He is 6 now and we have had him for 2.6 yrs. I hope to meet him one day!

My oldest daughter comes home this Tues.from being in Kenya. She was able to visit a Compassion Project!!

I think one of these books would be wonderful!

Much love.

Sarah said...

I sponsor Mercy in Kenya, and have for about a year. She lives with her siblings and grandmother. She's 6.

I also sponsor Dailys in Ecuador. She is also 6. I started sponsoring her about 2 months ago.

Bev Sykes said...

I've been sponsoring for about two years now. I have 3 sponsored child and 3 correspondence children.

Anjali is 8 and lives on the plains of Nandyal in India, with her father, mother and 2 siblings.

Pedro lives with his mother and 3 siblings in the northeast of Brasil. We have a lot of Brasilian friends, so I was particularly drawn to a Brasilian child to sponsor.

I adopted Briana in Haiti just a few weeks before the hurricane. I chose her because she has the same name as our granddaughter, Thank God, she lives in the north, far from Port au Prince, but with all the weather problems this week and the attack of cholera, I worry about her.

Our correspondence children are Fred from the Philippines (whose mother writes wonderful long letters about twice a month), Shallon in Uganda, an older child who is able to write to me in English, and Esther from Indonesia, whom I don't know well yet, but I'm sure I will soon.

I set up, a blog for keeping track of each of the children.

Rachel B said...

I've been sponsoring kids for about 5 years now.

Cruz was my first girl, from Honduras. She has actually graduated the program and "excelled" in tailoring, so I am hoping that she has been able to use that for income. I'm sad that I can't keep in touch anymore, and am so excited to meet her one day. :)

Twaha is 8 years and lives in Uganda. I picked him out while online, and in his picture his shirt was untucked and he looked like he would rather get back to playing than have his picture. All boy. :) I love his letters... he always talks about how much he loves Jesus.

Mega is 15, from Indonesia. She is the best writer out of all my kids, due to age and education, I'm sure. She always calls me sister after I mentioned once that we are sisters in Christ. :) In one of her letters, she mentioned that texting is one of her hobbies... I had to laugh. It's not something I would normally associate with Indonesia or Compassion. Her letters are convicting, as well. She says that "when she grows up" she just wants to honor her parents. What a difference from a lot of American standards!

Cinthia is from Honduras, and she is 7. I get the most pictures from her, and let me tell you, she is a cutie! She always smiles, which isn't always common among my other kids. She loves playing house and with her dolls. Also, the occasional TV time. :)

Edgar is my most recent child. He is from El Salvador, and he is 8. I haven't received very many letters from him to really get a feel for his personality. However, when I sent him a birthday gift, he used all of it on food. It sounded as if he was using this to feed his family. I know Compassoin works with the families to determine the best use of the funds, but it was a bit of a shock to me, as all of my other kids usually spend it on clothing and a small toy. I'm glad they were able to get what they so needed.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to talk about our kids a little. None of my friends/family sponsor kids and just don't "get it", so they tire of hearing me talk about my kids. It's so encouraging to connect with other people who have the same passions and convictions!

Becky said...

I have been a sponsor with Compassion for just over 10 years (since Creation 2000) with a total of 3 children sequentially. My current sponsored child Gabriel is 11 and lives outside Fortaleza, Brazil. Although I've only sponsored him for 2 years, he loves to write descriptive letters, which include telling me how thankful he is for me, that he prays for me, and asks God to bless me. I've yet to get any Bible verses from him or any mention of Jesus, and I continue to pray for him to have salvation and tell him in my letters that I pray he wants to learn more about Jesus.

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