Monday, November 29, 2010

And they call it….

…Puppy Love!

For years, our Kaya has been obsessed with puppies and small dogs. I do not use the word “obsessed” lightly, either.  The sight of a puppy would cause her to squeal in a barely perceivable pitch.The mention of a Yorkie or other small dog would make her heart flutter. My husband has never been a big fan of small dogs and, except for a half of a day before Christmas last year, he wouldn’t even entertain the thought of letting Kaya get a pup.

But, after Sadie was found, Jay and I both talked about taking her in if Nico’s Mom wasn’t able to. (They are in the process of looking for another apartment and, while Sadie was gone, they took in a pup. Plus, her Mom’s boyfriend has a dog as well. We didn’t know if they would have room for Sadie anymore.) When we found out that Nico’s Mom did want to take Sadie, it crossed both of our minds that we really did have the room and means to make Kaya’s dreams come true.

I started looking online for a small dog with no or a low rehoming fee.  Within a few days we found this little guy.


His name is Scruffy and he is a 3 month old Shih Tzu – Toy Poodle mix.  Kaya hasn’t stopped smiling since we picked him up yesterday afternoon!!

HPIM3373 So far, he is settling in and getting used to our home and other pets.  This morning has been full of scurrying and giggling and smiles.

In other news, last week I received my sample of Piggy Paint, a non-toxic, kid-friendly nail polish.  I have always been the “mean mom” who doesn’t let my kids use the regular polish you find in the stores.  I think the chemicals are WAY too harsh and my girls tend to have their fingers in their mouths a lot.  When I googled and found Piggy Paint online, I emailed the owner of the company and asked if they’d be willing to send me a sample of their product in exchange for me writing a review here on my blog. They sent us a bottle of the Forever Fancy pink polish and my girls were so excited to try it out.  The polish goes on nails nicely, like traditional polish, except it doesn’t have the strong, noxious smell. The color is vibrant with a hint of shimmer.

From the promotional materials that came with the polish:

Piggy Paint is a non-toxic, eco-friendly nail polish that is specially formulated of natural ingredients and proudly made in the USA. It is free from formaldehyde, toluene, pthalates, BPA, ethyl acetate and acetone.  Piggy Paint’s hyperallergenic, odorless formula makes it gentle enough for sensitive hands and noses, yet it dries to a hard, durable finish that can easily be removed with Piggy Paint nail polish remover.  This unique remover contains none of the solvents that could offend your nose or harm our atmosphere.

Piggy Paint comes in a rainbow of colors.  While the cost is a bit higher than other nail polishes, that sometimes comes with the territory of buying natural products.  If you follow them on Facebook, you will be notified of any sales and specials that would lower the price of your purchase.


faithlikemustard said...

What a cutie! We are dog lovers around here, too. In fact, we had to board our weinie dog at the vet while on our Thanksgiving travels and we couldn't get him until today. My family is having a bit of a puppy withdrawal!

As for Piggy Paint...what a neat concept. I've never heard of it.

Jessica said...

Aww, I think I could <3 a small dog. But my husband is also a hater of small dogs.

ronda said...

such a beautiful puppy!! I just got a toy poodle baby 2 wks ago what fun.
new topic do you think this could be sent to our compassion kids?

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The Burgess family said...

We never thought we'd be "small dog people" either but we found the cutest chihuahua pup (long haired) last year and something came over us and we took him home, and now we love him and don't know what we'd do without such a "portable" and cute and loving doggie! Congrats to Kaya :)

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Ronda, I *think* that would go through, but you would have to figure out a way to package it so that it fits the size requirements and isn't thicker than 1/4".

Bev Sykes said...

I've been bottlefeeding puppies that I got at 1 week of age. They are nearly a month old now and starting to be very cute, learning how to play. Kaya would love them!

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