Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday’s This & That Post

  • Outside…it is another grey and dreary day. The sunrise was a beautiful sherbet pink and orange and I thought we would end up with another sunny day to match yesterday. The leaves are just stunning and yesterday’s sun lit them up so beautifully. I had to take another picture as I drove down our road into the valley.


  • Around the house… there is a lot to be done today. Kaya and Luna are working on some learning while we listen to the classical station on the radio. (We generally listen to our favorite Christian station, but the girls have a hard tome concentrating if we listen to music with words.) Because we’ve had a busy couple of days, the house needs quite a bit of attention today to get things back in order.
  • Plans for the day… homeschooling, laundry, tidying, art project, a trip to town to hit the library and store, finishing up Christmas packages for our Compassion International children, menu planning, cleaning out the fridge, dinner, baths and bed.
  • On my mind… I dread cleaning out our refrigerator because no matter what I do, we always end up wasting food and it makes me feel so guilty.
  • In my prayers… I have recently heard of so many struggles in marriages.  My heart is heavy for my friends and other couples with big, heavy marriage issues. In all honesty, Jay and I have been there.  Years ago, it was like we were living as room mates.  While there was a basis of love in our very core, life had gotten in our way and a deep crevasse formed between us.  How did we get back to a place of deep and loyal love?  Only by the grace of God. As we come closer to Him, we learn more about His plan for marriage and the privilege of Love.  Jay and I have been together for 10 years and married for 2. Every day, we seem to get closer and I can only thank the Lord for that!
  • Concerning Compassion… we received a letter from Rodrigo earlier this week.  I am so thrilled that his project has moved to reciprocal writing and we are becoming so close with this sweet little boy.  He always tells us that his whole family gathers to read our letters and they pray for us daily.  How humbling is that?
  • One Meal One Day… I’d like to tell you about a great event coming up next week to support the fight against Global Hunger. Please visit the One Meal One Day website to learn how you can also join us. We will be skipping just ONE meal on October 20th and sending the unspent money to Compassion. Will you join us and also spread the word?
  • Field Trip… Yesterday, some of our homeschooling friends met up for a trip to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse. While I am somewhat conflicted inside when it comes to zoos, we did have a great time and it was a gorgeous day! I will close with a couple of photos from our trip.






Now, time to finish the coffee and get this house whipped into shape!  Have a great day!


Jill Foley said...

I love this post (and your other posts like it). I might try to come up with my own version of this format.

I briefly looked at the One Meal site...I will look at it more later today. I'm excited to learn more about it.

I learned about another new website last Have you heard of that one? It's focused on LDP.

Jill Foley said...

I changed my background....let me know if it's easier to read the links.

Sarah said...

What a gorgeous view!!

I saw the One Day One Meal website on FB yesterday, thanks for reminding me of it!

Looks like a great day for the zoo!

Thanks for posting the info for writing unsponsored children...someone recently talked with me about that. Now I can pass it on!

Jessica said...

Returning the blog visiting favor as a fellow shlogger! :)

And I fo real thought those kids were on a real tiger for just a fraction of a second!

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