Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday’s This & That Post

  • Outside of my window… it is another grey morning. A steady stream of golden leaves fall from the trees.
  • I am hearing… Kaya, Luna and their friend giggling and dancing around in ballerina outfits ~ classical music on the radio.
  • I am thinking… of my husband. He called this morning to tell me that his boss met with him to tell him he can’t talk about the Lord at work. (He was actually told that he “can’t talk Religion”, which we don’t.) Yet, half of the other contractors use the name “Jesus Christ” as a curse many, many times a day.  They can talk about going to the bar. They can talk about trashy TV. They can discuss just about anything under the sun…. Except God. :scratching head: I was able to give some encouragement, but I think the freedom of self-employment is looking good to Jay right about now.
  • I am thankful for… the changes in my husband since we’ve come to a relationship with Jesus. He once was a drunk and an absentee parent and partner.  He is now so attentive and loving. If he isn’t able to share the changes in his life, I’d be happy to tell the world.  Our lives are so different now, we live with more meaning and peace.  Even in the hard times.
  • In the kitchen… I’m sipping my coffee and loving the Pumpkin Spice creamer.
  • I am thankful for… my husband, and that is an understatement.
  • My upcoming plans… Tomorrow I will send off emails to all of our  Compassion International kids in honor of the official letter writing campaign. They hope to encourage sponsors to write once a month, on the second Friday of every month. I may have a date with my hubby tomorrow night and not sure what the weekend will bring. I’d like to see my nephew on Sunday, as he is home from college for the weekend.  Not sure if I can squeeze in a trip to my sister’s between church and Bible Study though.
  • My photo thought for the day…. Autumn Brilliance:



Amy D said...

That makes me sad about what they told him at work. :-( Sad that they said it and sad that it's not that surprising.

Emily said...

Hi!! I saw the link to your blog on Our Compassion, came over here, and love some of your posts. I'm going to start following you now!

Just finished my second letter of the week to my little girl, Ezra, in Indonesia... the first was a letter-letter... this was mostly just pictures! I've always been awful at the correspondence part of sponsorship, so the letter writing group has been a great kick in the pants!

Michelle said...

Emily, I am so glad to hear of your renewed passion for writing! It is so important! Everyone needs a good kick in the pants sometimes! ;)

Amy, he is taking it in stride. We were pretty ticked initially but realized it is a chance for him to practice walking the walk instead of talking the talk. Lessons are there in all things...

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