Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recent Reads

We have access to a great inter-library loan system, and I am always looking for great children’s books that will teach our daughters about the cultures and countries where our Compassion International kids live.  Here are a few books we’ve really enjoyed.

A Country Far Away has a really interesting format.  Each page has a simple sentence or two with illustrations above and below to show how each action would play out in a small village in Africa or in the suburbs here in America.  The drawings in the book capture your attention and help children to see how different life is in these two locations.

The following pair of books are from a series featuring different countries.


Each page features a different letter, with facts and illustrations that helped us learn a bit more about culture in Guatemala and India.

Have you read any children’s books that go along with your Compassion sponsorships?  If so, please tell us about them!

I have more books on hold at the library, so I will share them in the coming week!


Renee said...

We have read some good ones about Ethiopia:

Fire On the Mountain, Far Away Home, silly Mammo, and Trouble, by Jane Kurtz (as well as many others by Jane, she is a phenomenal storyteller who grew up in Ethiopia).

Also, A Saint And His Lion, by Elaine Murray Stone.

Michelle said...

Renee, I know that Fire on the Mountain is one of the books I have on hold! I will check out the others you mentioned! Thank you!

Valerie Harris said...

I just found your blog in the comments of a post off of gypsy mama. I've been looking for A Country Far Away! Thanks so much!

Jill Foley said...

I got A Country Far Away through Compassion several years ago. It was part of their "family sponsorship packet" - I don't think it's available anymore (through them).

I'm always looking for books to indroduce my girls to the world beyond USA. These are great suggestions - thanks!

I can't think of any books we've come across right now, but if I remember, I'll let you know.

Michelle said...

Jill, that is how I got the book! I was looking through the Advocates Resources and saw the Family Sponsorship Kit and ordered a few for the homeschooling families that are doing a Compassion/Social Studies class in our co-op.

Sarah said...

We bought "Every Child Everywhere"...

But I'll check into A Country Far Away...sounds like it would be a good one for Abigail!

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