Friday, October 15, 2010

Letter Writing Idea ~ Devotions

Last night, I was thinking about letter writing ideas to send to our sponsored Compassion International children.  I know that many people struggle, not knowing what to write about every month.  It suddenly came to me! Our kids could really benefit from Devotions!

I started a journal over on Our Compassion. I am hoping that other sponsors will join in and share ideas or write Devotions that we all can share. My thought is that it would be great to have a topic where we share a Bible verse, a short paragraph and end with a prayer.  Here is a quick example I came up with:

Sharing ~ Helping Others in Need

"A generous man will prosper.

he who refreshes others will refresh himself."

Proverbs 12:25 NIV

In this world, we do not all have the same amount of possessions or talents. We know that Jesus had a heart to serve others. Do you have anything that you can share?  Look around for opportunities where you can share an item, a smile, a kind word or a helping hand.


Dear Lord, you have given us so many blessings.  Please touch me and help me to see when I can reach out to others and share what I have.  Show me times when I can share something that I have with another.  Help me to notice opportunities where I can share a smile or a kind word with someone around me.  I ask this is Jesus' Holy name. Amen.

If you have ideas for Devotion topics or would like to write and share a devotion that other sponsors could use, stop by Our Compassion or feel free to email it to me and I’ll post it there.  I also plan to share them regularly on this blog.

In other news, we got a letter from Precious yesterday.  A few months ago, I stopped asking questions throughout our letters to our children and started putting them all at the end of each letter.  I think it has helped and we’re really starting to get a lot of answers to things we’ve asked.

Here are some excerpts from our most recent letter:

"Precious says she is learning maths and English at school. Family members are: Isaiah, Grace, Gertrude, Prince and Abigail. She says it takes 12 minutes to walk from home to the project. The business is going on well and wants you to pray for their business.

She says she wants you to tell her more about Kaya, Nico and Luna's education as well as your business.

She says she can now help her parents sell and she can also read and sing some Christian songs!

She says she would like to know more about your church, especially the activities that you do. She says she will never stop praying for long life and prosperity for you and the entire family. She wants you to pray for her to obey her parents, Sunday school teachers as well as elderly persons.

"If someone has done you wrong, do not repay it with a wrong. Romans 12:17 Precious says she want you to share it with everyone you know."

Consider it done, sweetie girl!


Acolyte said...

hey Michelle :D interesting idea! definitely a good way to engage the child aside from the usual hello and how are you :)


Jill Foley said...

I've done this and have also begun writing prayers using scripture. I insert their name where appropriate, and pray these life giving words over them. I love to include it in their letters so they can see exactly what I am praying for them.

Another example that wasn't quite a prayer was writing out I Corinthians 13...the love passage. I inserted their name in place of love, because it personalizes the passage and adds a level of challenge. "Bulu is patient, Bulu is kind..."

You have great ideas. I need to head over to OC today to see what you are doing over there. I don't use it much anymore.

Soul Writer said...

What a neat idea! There are times that I want to write a quick note to Consuelo via the Compassion site (in addition to the regular handwritten responses to her letters), but I want to write more than, "Hi Consuelo, I'm thinking about you and praying for you right now." A short devotional would be a great thing to include with that.

Thanks for sharing your letter from Precious. It always brings tears to my eyes to read about how THEY are praying for US.

I'll check our your Our Compassion page for other suggestions. For my next letter, I'm thinking of describing to Consuelo a day in my life (leaving out specifics about what I eat, the car I'm driving, etc.), and then asking her to describe a day in her life for me.

Judy said...

That's a great idea! I love the idea of sharing a short devotion with the kids! Thanks for sharing your letter writing ideas. It's really helping me to feel more comfortable with writing to my kids.
And it's so awesome to hear what Precious has to say. Thank you for sharing that with your readers as well. What a sweet girl she is!!

JD said...

I love this idea... I might send them some of the devotionals that I've written on my blog!

Sarah said...

Great idea! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I usually send a smaller packet in my child's packet ( I send her something every Monday) and ask her to give it to a child that did not receive a letter, and tell her that God loves it when we share and think of others. She has done it because the tutor wrote and said she did. I love having a child and hope to have another one soon!

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