Thursday, October 21, 2010


Kazihizina from Rwanda!

Kazihizinaclose This rare double-post day is because I was just emailed Kazihizina’s most recent photos and some history on her, as I requested.

I was heartbroken to read that she has had two sponsors since she has been in the program. Her first sponsor used to write to her some, but it has been years since she has received any letters or gifts. Years.

I am having an emotional day already, and reading that completely broke my heart. Kazihizina sat through mail-call after mail-call, and her name wasn’t called. I wouldn’t be surprised if, at some point, she gave up hope of having her name called again.

Thankfully, her sponsor agreed to have a Correspondent assigned and thankfully God did some great match-making. Our Kazi-girl has NO ideas what is coming her way! Within minutes of finding her on our online Compassion account yesterday morning, I sent out an introductory email. Later in the day, I made up a Christmas package with a card, a couple of silly bands, some paper ornaments and stickers. Today, I felt compelled to write another letter and tell her some more about us and that we’d be faithful to write to her and send love and support.

If you get anything out of my blog, I hope it is the importance of writing those letters to your sponsored kids. Don’t let your child be the one who sits through mail-call after mail-call in disappointment.

If you would like to be a Correspondent to a child or two, just contact Compassion. 1-800-336-7676 or use the Contact Us button on the Compassion International website.


Jill Foley said...

how were you emailed pictures of her?

She's beautiful and she's going to be so blessed by your family and your passion for writing letters!

JD said...

She's SO beautiful... Her story reminds me of the boy we met in Honduras on our first day, who hadn't received one single letter EVER from his sponsor. I pray he is given a correspondence sponsor like you!!!!!!

I can't wait to see the first letter you get from her, after she receives all the letters from you.

Please keep us posted!

Doris said...

You know, it really is heartbreaking. I mean, yes...the money is important, but I think the relationship is even MORE important. A sponsor who doesn't write and only sends money reminds me a lot of a parent who only shows "love" through material means. I love reading your blog. I'm new to Compassion and your posts always give me ideas on what I can send my kiddos!

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Jill, just email Compassion. They have the last 2 or 3 photos on file for every child in their program. They will also (sometimes) give you past history of your correspondent children.
It takes a day or two for them to email you back, but it is so nice to see the photos from previous years!

Gosh, I am so emotional today....orrrr this week! I am bound and determined to make her letter drought a fading memory.

Robin said...

Michelle, thanks for the tip about pics of our kids. I only have the one that is posted with my online account....hopefully they will have a few more they can send to me. I'm off to write another inspired me!

Kazihizina is beautiful.

Amy D said...

Confession: When I go out to the mailbox, I am disappointed each day that a letter doesn't come. I CAN NOT imagine the heartbreak for a Compassion child, in a situation that constantly tells you "You don't matter".

What a blessed girl she will be.

You're such a faithful servant.

Sandi said...

We sponsor one child ourselves and recently asked to write to children who are already sponsored. We just received a little guy to write to named Jose. Such a blessing to do something so simple yet so life changing. I plan to email and ask for e-mail pics. I am in Canada but should work the same :o)

Enjoyed my time here.


Megan said...

I commented on a your post from OCt. 18th about needing information about the correspondence program. Good news--I'm all set up and ready to start writing! I'm SO excited as this is exactly the kind of ministry I was looking for. Thanks for making me aware of it!

Sara Duggan said...

Yes, writing is very important. Just think back to when you were a child and how excited you were to receive mail. Well, think also about the difference between HERE in America and a third world country where you can't seem to see past your poverty? You are told you will receive mail from your sponsor and then nothing comes -- it kind of makes you lose faith in people

Writing has always been important to me and I'm almost 40yo -- I still get super excited when I actually receive mail -- This is super important to wee ones - it's like a brief moment of forgetting what is reality and reading that someone out there in the great big world cares enough to send a letter of encouragement.

Thanks Michelle for this reminder.

Zeeuwse Mama said...

Oh, it touched my heart as it yours does... heartbroken to know that she got no letters for years...
She will be SO happy!!

I've 3 sponsored children too, and several correspondence kids, it's my wish to get a correspondencechild from Rwanda.
I often blog about Compasssion too, I'm also an advocate, in Holland.
I've had a sponsordaughter named Precious too from Ghana. She moved in february this year, I loved her so much that I was in tears after the phonecall. It's such a special name...

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