Monday, October 4, 2010

Better Late Than Never

It occurred to me this morning, I never shared this picture that arrived last month.  Bertille in Burkina Faso is the most recent addition to our Compassion International family.  This spring, my husband started building a shed behind our house and when he realized we’d be cutting out a $65 per month bill from our storage unit, he amazed me by suggesting that we take on a second financial sponsorship. (Four of our Compassion kids are are correspondents, financially sponsored by others.) I decided to let Kaya pick and she chose this sweet girl who was born just a couple of weeks after she was.

It wasn’t until after we finalized our sponsorship that we read that Bertille’s father had died and her Mother was listed as seriously sick. We had a little wiggle room in our budget that month, so we sent out a $100 Family Gift right away.

scan0004 Our sweet Bertille was able to purchase a bicycle, which will make it easier for her to get to school. She will also be able to help her mother with errands and possibly make a small income running errands for others.  She also bought some clothes, food and treats to share with friends.

Owning a bicycle is pretty much a rite of passage for children here in the US, but in other countries it is such a privilege. Since the day we received this picture, I randomly catch myself daydreaming about Bertille cruising down the dirt path to school on her shiny green bicycle.  I hope it brings her even a fraction of the joy I feel in my heart!

Yesterday, I read a post by Kristen of We Are THAT Family that moved me, and I’d love it if you could hop over and read it, too!

The Power of Three

I am joining her cause, will you?


Jill Foley said...

She's beautiful - love the dress! She looks so happy. You are all blessed to be part of each other's lives - part of each other's stories.

Renee said...

Oh my, your post made me tear up. Saying a little prayer for Bertille's mama right now. God definitely led Kaya in her choice. Just amazing!

Hi I'm Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog a while back! I've been following you but just now got to post :-) What a joy to see this picture-- we sponsor a boy through Compassion in Kenya- I thought his sponsorship may end as he gets older but so far so good at age 21 he's still our big brother in Kenya!

Amy L Brooke said...

She is beautiful. Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to comment. I love my girls. I do wish I could visit them1 have you ever been able to visit any of yours?

Sarah said...

She is beautiful! And she looks so happy with her new bike and treats! I'm glad that Kaya chose Bertille!

Off to read the post by Kristen...

Maggie said...

Oh my goodness! What a beautiful young lady!! Gorgeous smile!!
Thank you for your comment on my post! I am so grateful to compassion for giving me a way to do something!

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