Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday’s This & That Post

Outside my window. . .  it is a grey and dreary day. A rainy mist is falling and random breezes are carrying golden leaves through the air.

I am thinking. . .  that it would be a lovely day for a nap, but I just can’t seem to nap when there are things on my to-do list!

I am thankful for. . . our warm, cozy home.

From the kitchen. . .  time has come for pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin muffins, apple crisp and the scent of apple cinnamon candles.

I am wearing. . .  a broomstick skirt, tee and hoodie sweater and cozy socks.  I had such an urge to stay in pajamas all day, but an elastic waist skirt is comfy enough.

I am creating. . .  a game plan to get the summer clothes switched out and go through all of the bins of clothes in our storage room.

I am going. . .  to get to that clothes swap within the week, hopefully!

I am reading. . . the blog posts from the Compassion Bloggers in Guatemala. So far today I have gone through half a box of tissues.  I triple dog dare you to read this blog post by Ann Voskamp without crying.  Leave a comment and let me know how you did.  Talk about a way with words!

I am hoping. . .  that this blog trip touches hearts, it has certainly touched mine.

I am hearing. . . some giggling and chatter from upstairs as my two youngest play.

 A few plans for the rest of the week. . .  a “Not Back To School” picnic tomorrow with many of the homeschooling families from our area and a roller skating party on Saturday!  Woohoo!

Here are two pictures from the week that I’d like to share:




Jill Foley said...

Yeah...that post by Ann had me sobbing this morning. I think I would have cried regardless of my recent trip, but it really touched home since my trip is still so fresh in my memory!

Jennifer said...

You have me craving the fall with your description of the pumpkin and apple foods and scents! And, yes, I cried multiple times throughout Ann's post.

Christine said...

Beautiful post! Ann does have a heavenly gift with words, whatever the topic.

I love your description of what it's like outside!

Through feedburner I can see how many clicks there are on each post. Every time I post something about poverty and give a link, only one or two people click on it. Hard to understand, but like everything else in the Christian walk, I guess God opens hearts at an appointed time. He must be working on larger issues in hearts, first, maybe? Often, people have to feel poor for a time themselves, before they get it.

Always an uplifting read here, Michelle!

Amy D said...

I love the picture of the kitty! I just saw how many children you are sponsoring and you have inspired me! I am praying about a little girl in Guatemala who shares a birthday with my daughter. I guess I better hurry, because she will be gone before I know it! I'm glad you found my blog, because I love to read yours!

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