Monday, September 27, 2010

This is What Sponsorship is All About

Have you ever wondered if sponsoring a child through Compassion International really makes a difference?  Sometimes, seeing is believing

I know I said that my next post would be about sending Christmas items to our Compassion International children, but I really wanted to share this with you all. My friend Kathy Olson recently posted  this amazing series of photos on Our Compassion.  It illustrates the power that child sponsorship has in transforming a child and their family. Kathy says that she sponsored Nyakaho in Tanzania through Compassion International because she really believes in the organization. (So do I, Kathy!)


“Nyakaho was a 7 year old orphan when we first started sponsoring her last year. Her profile photo showed deep worry lines in her forehead. We sent a family gift for her and her grandma right away.

Nyakaho's grandma pounds stones into gravel all day to provide for Nyakaho and her other relatives. They bought a mattress to sleep on and food to eat.  I wrote to Nyakaho twice a month all year long.  I got 4 more wonderful photos, which I tried to post but it wouldn't save. But still, no smiles. We sent another family gift this year when we got our tax return in April.

Nyakaho's grandma used the family gift to buy rice and corn and small fish which she sells in the market as a new business and has given up grinding stones into gravel. Nyakaho writes "Grandma is starting to become beautiful and smart because of your love".

And check out Nyakaho’s smile…first smile! Praise God!!!
"Nyakaho says that your love is like a ring on her finger, and she sees nothing to hinder your love from advancing because it is of God and it has no end".


This series of photos goes to show you that your sponsorship, letters and gifts really do transform lives.  The photos don’t lie. 

Do you want to transform a life?  Can you spare less than $10 a week in order to do that?  Please visit Compassion International to learn more.


b.l.fulton said...

I think we sponsor a Compassion child from Bolivia in the same program as your Compassion child Rodrigo. It appears your picture of him was taken in the same place that our pictures of Hugo were taken. This has become such a joy in our lives and I feel it is a gift to us each time a letter arrives. It has been 4 years and we are all finally exchanging more meaningful and informative letters. We are so blessed to have Hugo in our lives.

Judy said...

Thank you for this post! It literally brought tears to my eyes. It is so awesome to see the changes that has come about in this little girl and her grandmother's lives because of Compassion!

Michelle said...

b.l.fulton: Rodrigo goes to BO281 (Nueva Vision Student Center) and we believe that his project has recently switched over to reciprocal letter writing, meaning he is sending a letter in reply for every letter we sent. For the first few months, we got a letter every other month or so. In this last month we received 3 from him! (We write twice a month.) He has started sharing many more details about him and his life.
Judy: I know, the post really illustrated the way sponsorship bring joy and hope to those who didn't have it before. God is so good!

Kristen Love said...

I love this post. A sweet young woman at my church just signed up to sponsor a girl in Ethiopia and her goal is to improve the little girl's life so that she can get a picture with a smile also. :-)

deadwednesdays said...

This hurts my heart in such a good way. To see this wonderful child and her grandmother transformed by love... and they realize it is the hand of God blessing their lives.

Breaks my heart because it is so beautiful. The more I learn about Compassion, the more I feel the need to sponsor. I couldn't miss out on a relationship like this. All I really want in my life is to affect someone in a good way, make them feel beautiful because of God. :)

Shauna! said...

I love that Compassion sends you pictures of your child with the gift and family.
I have been a sponsor since 1990 and have never received a photo when gifts were sent. Is there a $ amount at which they take a picture or do you just need to ask?
I came across your blog via the Christmas card drive... I'm enjoying your heart.
Blessed to be a blessing,

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Shauna, I think it really depends on whether the project has access to a camera. Out of our 7 compassion kids, 4 of them have sent photos of them with their gifts. (The child in this post isn't one of ours.) I don't think the $ amount makes a difference. Our Yishak sent two photos after a $25 birthday gift.

I'm glad you found my blog and I hope you check back sometime!

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