Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Autumn Themed Letters

Here in the hills of the Finger Lakes region of New York, we’re really starting to see the brilliant Autumn foliage. Yesterday, I sat down to start a round of letters for our Compassion International children.  With 6 kids to write to, I tend to spread the actual letter writing over two days. The theme of this most current batch of letters is the beauty of the changing leaves.  I gave a simple explanation of why the leaves change from green to yellow, orange, red and brown. I shared my thoughts on how the stunning beauty helps us to see the glory of God all around us.  I also shared Romans 1:20. Each letter is also personalized to each child, answering any recent questions, sharing our prayers for each child and asking any questions we may have.

I took my girls out for a hike and picked several different types of leaves for some leaf rubbings.  I printed Romans 1:20 out on paper and then Luna helped me decorate each one with some colorful designs. (Kaya came down with a stomach bug this morning and didn’t want to help with this project.Poor little sweetie!)

HPIM3264 You can tell that Luna is really concentrating on a project when her mouth is wide open and/or her tongue is hanging out! :P

I also Googled and found an Autumn coloring sheet and Autumn themed maze to print out for each of the kids.

HPIM3267 Each of our 6 children will receive a bundle with a letter, activity sheet, leaf rubbing and I also hope to get to town this weekend and pick up some postcards I saw at the Pharmacy with photos of our fall foliage. Before mailing everything out, I will be sure that each piece of paper is clearly labeled with our sponsor number as well as each child’s name and number. I’ll use a paperclip to keep each child’s bundle separate and will slip everything into a large manilla envelope and ship it off to Colorado Springs!

(It is worth noting, that because many of these children live where voodoo and witchcraft are prevalent, they ask that we refrain from sending Halloween themed items.)

I want to stress something, though.  I realize that many of you do not have the time or desire to put this much into letters to your Compassion nternational children, and that is ok!  Please do not let that stop you from writing! Even if all you can spare is 5-10 minutes a month to send an email, your sponsored child will be SO thrilled to receive that from you!  We just so happen to have the time and truly enjoy putting these packages together, so it is something that we like to do.

Another thing I wanted to mention today is that Compassion asks that we allow 2-3 months for our letters to travel to our children.  That means, if you want to send a Christmas card or package to your child, you might want to put some thought into it very soon!

I plan to purchase these cute Nativity Sticker books from Dover Publications. They are just $1.50 each and the Dover books are always thoroughly enjoyed by our kids!

They also carry neat stained glass ornament coloring books like this:


My plan is to get our Christmas packages out in the next two weeks and I’ll be sure to post with details!


Bev Sykes said...

Thanks for the Dover tip. I ordered a few books from them.

Michelle said...

You're very welcome, Bev! I'm a fan of the little paper dolls from other countries and the stained glass pages. I like that they have a TON of the cheap, small books of different kinds, including Bible themed ones!

Heather said...

ooooooooh, I'm going to check those out. There were also some nativity themed stickers at the dollar store. I'm grateful that you mentioned working on Christmas packages now. I do want to put something together this year for our boy in Peru, but I'm usually late on the draw...


Judy said...

Those are great ideas! I'm inspired to go work on my own!!! :)
Thank you!

Amy D said...

Thank you, you are amazing! I'm going to "borrow" some of your ideas! :-)

Amy D said...

And, hey! You know what I did? I took mailing labels, typed up my child's name and number, my name and number and printed them out. It is so much easier (for me) than writing them out multiple times. Just a thought!

Renee said...

I love Dover stuff. They have a really pretty Nativity stained glass coloring book, too. Also, you can sign up for the free samples for Teachers, and there are often pages from coloring books and activity books that you can print and send to your child. They email the sampler once a week.

Michelle said...

I'm glad these ideas are helpful for you! :D
Amy, I keep forgetting to buy labels, but I have heard of making labels for our children and it sounds like a GREAT idea! Anything to make the process a bit smoother and faster!

Niki said...

I have a question about the books. On Compassion's website under "Tips for Mailing Small Gifts" updated 9/13/10 that unfortunately they can no longer send books and booklets. Are you taking these books apart and sending pages individually? Or are you sending these and they're ok? I am a new sponsor and want to send my sweet girl the world but I want to make sure that she will actually get the things I mail her. Can you help me with this?

Michelle said...

Niki, the books have to be very flexible and thin and they will go through.

Niki said...

Thanks! That makes me exited! :)

beastofthefields said...

Me again....
I notice in the pic of the 3 sheets of paper, one on top of the other - how do you get the Compassion paper (the sheet at the very bottom of the pile) purple and with stars on>? Do you put the paper through the printer and print those decorations on?? Thanks.... :)

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Hi again!
Here in the US we have Dollar Stores where I buy packages of paper that have colorful decorations printed on them. I copy the Compassion stationary onto that. :)

Bunny Wilson said...

We've sponsored a Compassion child from Rwanda for 3 years now and I am a terrible - terrible - letter writer. I've just read the Lisa-Jo Baker- Tales from a Gypsy Mama about being a "lame" letter writer. I can relate. I can also relate to your reaction to her post... which is why I'm writing you before I sit down to put pen to paper to our Rwandan child? She turns 13 in November. Does this mean she's way past coloring pages and stickers?

I used to send Golden Books, stickers, etc (before I became terribly lazy) but it got to where Compassion would send a letter saying the items were too large or bulky - so they were given to children locally in CO. Are the Dover books (if not too young for our 13 yr old) a smaller size?

I apologize for so many questions, but you seem to have the correspondence question down.


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