Saturday, September 11, 2010

How They Grow…

This week we received an updated photo of our lovely Precious in Ghana.  When we started out sponsoring through Compassion International, I looked through page after page of children and wondered how I could possibly choose one child.  When my eyes came across the shy and timid face of Precious, something within my heart just knew she was the one.

preciousI still cannot put into words exactly what it was about her, but I looked no further.

I didn’t know, when I finalized the sponsorship, how many ways this little girl would change our lives. I imagined we would help her and her family in some way, but it really didn’t cross my mind that she would put an indelible mark on my heart like she has. That she would pave the way to change my perspective of life, on possessions, on “needs vs. wants”.

I remember getting a letter from Precious, just a few months into sponsorship.  She told us that one thing that brings her joy is to sweep the dirt floor of her one room house. Earlier that day, I had grumbled at my children for the unending crumbs and bits of crafts left on the floor. I swept with a huff and a puff of frustration. Precious’ words hit me like a brick. They changed my heart.  I wrote her name along the top of the broom and am reminded of her every single time I retrieve it from the closet.  I sweep and smile and pray for our sweet girl, thinking of the joy the same job brings her.

A few months ago, Precious told us in a letter that she is growing “tall and cute” and this most recent picture proves it to be true.  A letter from her project director told us that Precious has lost much of her shyness and is gaining confidence in herself. Through this most recent picture, I can sense a change in her.  A head held a bit higher, eyes that are not so downcast…

scan0001 Through Compassion International Precious is receiving help with her education and medical check-ups. She is participating in social events and Bible study.  She receives a nutritious meal when she is at the project. Our family gifts have helped her family have supplimental food and supplies. Our letters give her encouragement and confidence that she is special and loved.

But, she has given us so much more…  She has helped us to see how many blessings we have, and to be thankful for things as simple as running water and wood floors to sweep. Our perspective on life has changed.

We are so thankful that we’ve connected with this sweet girl in Ghana.  As she grows, our love for her grows.  Our thankfulness grows. Our faith in God grows.


Jill Foley said...

She wears here name well - she is precious! I love her in the color yellow.

Christine said...

Oh, Michelle! This post is so uplifting and beautiful. I can see the change in her. What an inspiration!

Amy D said...

She is beautiful! It's amazing how we go into this thinking we are changing a life, then we realize that it is our own life that is being changed.

Amy in Peru said...

yay! this is SO cool! thanks for sharing this! I LOVE that you wrote her name on your broom... what a visual reminder!

amy in peru

Jo, just Jo said...

That's beautiful. You and the ladies on your compassion tours have inspired me.
As soon as I get the nod - I'm sponsoring too. My heart is aching for a precious of our own to reach out to in love.
Thank you for faithfully blogging.
How can I follow your blog?
Thanks Jo

Amy D said...

Guess who I was thinking about and praying for, as I swept the pea gravel off of my driveway, AGAIN? Yes, your precious Precious. Your girl changed more than one person's way of looking at such a tedious task. :-)

Michelle said...

My heart is thankful for the kids words and comments. Thank you so much!

Amy, I am blessed to know that Precious has touched your life as well. These children are gifts from God.

Jo, I follow all of my favorite blogs using Google Reader. It puts them all on one page, so I don't have to jump from bookmark to bookmark.

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