Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer = Busy!

July proved to be a crazy month, full of activities.  In the hustle and bustle of it all, I had to prioritize my time.  Blogging took a back seat to things like laundry, cooking and cleaning.  Now that the Summer Rec program is done, it frees up a few hours every day and I hope to get back on the wagon of posting regularly.

Yesterday, we had the chance to go to Kingdom Bound for the first time.  It was, to put it simply, amazing! I was able to go for free because I was working a table for Compassion International.  I was lucky enough to win four tickets for the rest of the family by answering a “Secret Sound” game on the Family Life Network radio station. While the day started out with a hitch, getting a flat tire 20 minutes into our road trip, we managed to get it taken care of and arrived at the festival only two hours later than planned.  We were able to hit a few rides at the amusement park before I needed to report for my 3 hour shift at one of the Compassion tables.

I have set up tables for Compassion in much smaller scale, for my Compassion Sunday and at a homeschool curriculum sale.  Having had the experience of putting hours of effort into a event and seeing one child get sponsored, it was thrilling to witness many children finding sponsors at Kingdom Bound.  During my three hour shift, 10 children were chosen and many seeds were planted.  I was also able to talk to a few current sponsors about the importance of writing to their children regularly and I hope I inspired them to pick up a pen and send a note to their precious children.  At one point during my shift, I saw Shaun Groves whiz by in a golf cart and my heart skipped a beat.  I have a ton of respect and admiration for Shaun.  He inspires me to do more to raise awareness for Compassion.  I absolutely love the posts put out by the Compassion Bloggers when they travel to other countries and visit Child Development Centers and visit with sponsored children and their families. I have spent hours praying and daydreaming about being able to, one day, travel with the Compassion Bloggers. (While I don’t meet the requirements of having 30,000 blog visitors per month, I have a huge, HUGE passion for this organization.) I try to remember that, if it is God’s will for me to travel and meet our Compassion children, He will make it happen in His timing.

At the end of my shift, I met up with my family and rode a few more rides and thoroughly enjoyed meeting many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. Towards the end of the night, before the Toby Mac show, Shaun took the stage to speak about Compassion. I was standing there with goosebumps and tears streaming down my face. I can’t quite articulate how amazing it was, but I could feel the Holy Spirit’s presence and the air felt electric to me. Shaun’s words spoke straight to my heart, “If Jesus is all that you need, can you give up cable and support a child?” Yes!  It is possible to give up the things that society tells us are necessities. You can get by with a $20 Tracfone instead of a pricey iPhone! You can go without cable, new clothes, fancy cars!  Shaun asked people to raise their hands of they had decided that Jesus is all that they need and they could take on sponsorship of a child.  As hands went up, I dashed around the crowd with my fellow advocates and handed packets out. Not one person asked to look through the stack of children, they just took which ever child (or children!) were on top.  Again, goosebumps.

When I took the last few unclaimed packets back to the Compassion tent, I was giddy to see Shaun standing there. It took me a minute to gather my courage, but I finally squeaked out a, “Thank you, Shaun, for everything you are doing to raise awareness for Compassion.”  His trademarked smile was just as brilliant in real life and he was an nice as you would expect. I was able to get a picture taken with him, which really made my night.

shaungrovesYaaay! :D

All in all, it was a truly remarkable day.  I look forward to working  for Compassion at many, many Kingdom Bound festivals to come!


Christine said...

Awesome! All of it! I like Shaun and his work too!

Becka said...

That is really awesome Michelle! It seems to me that God was guiding this whole trip, what with all the free tickets and all. I am glad so many children got sponsorship.

By the way... we received our first letter from Diego, and I am hoping to sit down today and write one to him. In Spanish!

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