Monday, August 30, 2010

More Letter-Writing Ideas

As I read posts and replies on the Compassion blog, Compassion Facebook page and OurCompassion, I often read that people struggle with what to write about in their letters to their sponsored children. Today, I am going to share just a few ideas that may give you some inspiration. This post will focus on 3 F’s: Faith, Family and Fun.


  • Share details about your church: How many people attend? Do you help with any ministries such as Sunday School? What touched you about the most recent sermon? What praise songs do you love and why? Does your church have a Worship team and what instruments do they play? What have your own children learned in Sunday School recently? Do you go to Bible Study or church activities during the week? Does anyone else in your church sponsor through Compassion? Have you shared the mission of Compassion with anyone in your church?
  • Share details about your personal walk in the Faith: When were you saved? How did you come to the Lord? Were you baptized and what was it like? Do you follow daily devotionals and what things recently touched you? What do you pray about regarding your sponsored child? What prayer requests would you like to share with your child? What problems have you had recently and how has God touched you during them? Where are you in your personal Bible reading and what verses have meant a lot to you recently? Has God answered a prayer for you recently?


  • Share details about your family: Do you have any siblings? Who are the members if your family? What are some favorite family memories? Do you live near any relatives? Have you gone to any family gatherings recently? How does your family celebrate upcoming holidays?


  • Share details about fun activities in your life: Do you have any hobbies? What activities do you do that you enjoy? What things did you like to do for fun when you were the age of your sponsored child? What do your own children like to play?

It is important to remember that you do not need to send long, elaborate letters to your child. The stationary that Compassion sends when your child writes to you (or that can be found here) gives you just enough room for a couple of paragraphs. Choose just one or two of the above questions to answer and that should give you a couple of paragraphs. As an added bonus, send a photo or two that goes along with your topic. If you write about your church, add a photo of it to your letter. If you write about a hobby, send a photo to illustrate what you're talking about. If a Bible verse has touched you, share the verse with them!

Also, most of the above questions could also be asked of your sponsor children. They will be happy to know you’re interested in their life and you will build up a relationship as you get to know one another. (Keep in mind that it takes up to several months for a letter to travel from one place to another, so you may not get an answer to a specific question for a while.)

I hope this post gives you ideas for future letters. I highly suggest writing to your child at least once a month, not only to foster a relationship with your child but also to let them know that they are loved and very important to you!


Amy D said...

Thank you, Michelle, for these ideas! I need to sit down and write another letter to my child. I have received three since I sent the last one. Things are so crazy busy with the end of summer right now. Thanks for your comment on my blog. :-) Right now, we are praying about who our next sponsored child will be. They truly do change our lives!

Christine said...

Great ideas!

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