Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Good Mail Day

Yesterday, on our way home from the last day of Summer Rec, I had a feeling we’d find a Compassion Letter in the mailbox.  I was thrilled to find a larger Compassion envelope tucked amongst the bills and junk mail.  In the past, the larger envelopes have held new photos of our sponsored children.  I said a prayer of gratitude and tore into the envelope to find this lovely photo.

scan0001 The picture shows our sweet Precious in Ghana with all of the gifts she was able to get with the $25 we sent to her for her birthday. She received clothing, shoes, sandals, a backpack, a new sponge, biscuits and soda to share with her friends in the project. In the letter, she thanks us for the gifts and tells us that she isn’t as shy as she used to be. She’s made more friends at the church during her birthday party.

Our family treasures the pictures we receive of our Compassion International children.  We feel blessed to be able to share some of what we have in order to bring some joy to these children. Precious’ letter says that she prays that God blesses us a thousand fold for what we give to her, and He truly does.

Speaking of mail, we were so busy in July that I didn’t get to writing two letters for each of our children, like I aim to do each month.  I felt a nagging sense of guilt as the days went by without getting to that second letter. It came to me, though, that even getting one letter in a month is more than many Compassion children get.  This recent post from the Compassion blog (entitled How I Learned To Stop Procrastinating and Get Back To Letter Writing) is a great reminder that, at the heart of it, children really just cherish every letter, note or card they receive.  When I have the time, I love putting together packages with letters and stickers. coloring sheets, activity books, etc. But, when it comes right down to it, our Compassion children really just want to hear from us.  A quick note on a card or even a postcard will bring smiles and a sense that they are loved.

If you sponsor a child through Compassion and you haven’t written in a while, please set aside ten minutes today and jot them a note. Tell them you are thinking of them and praying for them. Your effort will bring joy and a sense of worth!


Cathrine said...

Thanks for your comment...glad I found you too! I am amazed on how child sponsorship can dramatically change MY life...and I'm so thrilled to see you sponsor 6 of your own!

JD said...

Those are some of the BESTEST mail days EVER!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo and what she shared in her letter. Precious indeed!

Christine said...

What a wonderful letter! Sounds like God has captured her heart already. A really lovely photo of her family! And to get real mail rather than just bills in your own mailbox! That's a blessing right there!

Julie (Dan) said...

What a beautiful photograph! I love the days I get letters! :)

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