Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Family Affair

We just finished up another round of letters for our Compassion International children.  I like to get the kids involved and this time my two youngest were happy to help with the photo collages we’re sending that focus on our summer activities.

HPIM3176 We uploaded some photos to and were able to pick them up just a half an hour after the order was placed. Kaya worked on gluing the photos to the front and back of some cardstock.

I printed off some captions and lines for translation and glued those on and then Luna had a turn at decorating.

HPIM3179 I plan to send a similar collage for each season.  Each collage will be mailed in a page protector so that our kids can keep them safe and possibly put them into a binder or folder if they have access to something like that.

HPIM3181 Here is the finished round of letters and collages.  This group of letters was on the topic of sharing.  I told our children how many of our friends and family are harvesting their gardens and they are happy to share produce with us.  I listed a few Bible verses about sharing and told them how thankful we are to have the opportunity to share with them. Each letter was also personalized for each of our children, and we referred to things they’ve told us or asked us about.

HPIM3182a For Yishak, Yolanda and Precious, I had prints made of the most recent gift photos.  Many of these families do not have photos of themselves, so it is a nice treat to send them copies.  Our Bertille in Burkina Faso has a birthday coming up in November, so we are also sending her a card and a Noah’s Ark book along with some wallet size photos for her to share with friends and family. (I had already sent wallet size photos to our other children before we sponsored Bertille.) We sent her a $25 birthday gift earlier this month as well.

If you live near a Walgreens, I suggest setting up an online account with them and also signing up for their emails.  They send out a lot of great coupon codes for deals on photo processing.  They also offer freebies from time to time, like free 8” X 10” photo collages, etc.

One reminder for Compassion sponsors, it is really helpful if you are sure to write your child’s number as well as your sponsor number on every item you send to your children.  I will send all of the above to Colorado Springs in one manilla envelope and I use a paperclip to keep the bundles for each child separate.


Bev Sykes said...

Thanks for the idea of what (and how) to send things to the children!

Chenning said...

Wow-great ideas, Michelle. I absolutely love that it is a family affair. It is so cool to see the ways that we can bless our Compassion children (and our own at the same time) through these letters, pictures and little goodies.

Renee said...

I thought we couldn't do books anymore? Did that change again? I have a whole stack of little Arch books in spanish that I got before they changed the rules, I'd love to be able to send them!

I love your photo collages, what a fantastic idea. We'll have to steal that one :o)

Michelle said...

Renne, I had heard on that there were some changes to the mailing restrictions. However, in the beginning of August, I sent a thin book to Precious and didn't hear anything about it being refused.
I made sure not to mention the book in my letter just in case it gets pulled and also sent birthday money so she will get something regardless. If I do hear that the book was pulled, I'll let you know.

Michelle said...

Whoops, sorry about the mis-spelling of your name, Renee!

I hope these ideas inspire others in their letter writing ministry!

Renee said...

Thanks Michelle, maybe I will go ahead and send them, then.

Heather said...

What fabulous ideas!!!! I love pulling in all of our children into this. I remember sponsoring a child when I was a little girl and getting to write her letters. It had a profound effect on me...

Jill Foley said...

First of all, thanks for reading about my trip to Peru and for your comments. It is an encouragement to know God is using my trip to encourage others.

I have added your blog to my reader. I love the passion you have for Compassion's minsitry. What region are you in? I am currently in the NW, but have lived all over the country.

Last year about this time (Oct maybe) I read somewhere that we could write to unsponsored children for Christmas. I put my girls to work and we composed 5 or 6 different letters, then photocopied them (25 each) and sent them off to be distributed to unsponsored children. I'm hoping they let us do it again and we can get more and more people involved!

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